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Friday, 3 January 2020

The Wedding Chamber The Gospel of Philip

The Wedding Chamber
Animals do not have a wedding chamber, nor do slaves or defiled women. The wedding chamber is for free men and virgins.

A bridal chamber is not for the animals [faithless and unreasoning ones], nor is it for the slaves [those with faith but have not been set-apart i.e. they are still slaves to sin in the world], nor for defiled women [those who have been set apart but have not yet gotten mastery over their flesh]; but it is for free men [those who have “Christ in them” and holy spirit anointing who “coming to the accurate knowledge of truth” have left the “beggarly things of the world and the lusts thereof behind”] and virgins [the “overcomers” who have matured in Christ enough to have been “given white robes” and are “unspotted from the world”]. (Philip 59) 

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