Gnostic Doctrine

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

begetting the gospel of Philip

Humans have sex with humans, horses have sex with horses, donkeys have sex with donkeys. Members of a species have sex with members of the same species. So also spirit has intercourse with spirit, word mingles with word, light mingles [with light].

If [you] become human,
[a human] will love you.
If you become [spirit],
spirit will unite with you.
If you become word,
word [79] will have intercourse with you.
If you become light,
light will mingle with you.
If you become one of those above,
those above will rest on you.
If you become a horse or donkey or bull
or dog or sheep or some other animal,
wild or tame,
then neither human nor spirit
nor word nor light can love you.
Those above and those within cannot rest in you,
and you have no part in them.

A horse sires a horse [those with faith produce more sons of faith ] a man begets man [water baptism into a true church - ], a god brings forth a god [spirit baptism from heaven to be born again that is a resurrection from the dead ]. Compare the bridegroom and the bride. They have come from the [...]. No Jew [...] has existed. And [...the Son of man came] from the Jews. [...And the] Christians [...came from the Son of man] these [...] are referred to as "The chosen people of [...God]," and "The true man" and "Son of Man" and "the seed of the Son of Man". This true race is renowned in the world [...] that the sons of the bridal chamber dwell

[This seems to be defining three different relationship groups.  Those who are as natural men i.e. animalistic (unbelievers), those who believe but are still in bondage to the “letter” of the law (still bound to the flesh) and those who have moved on to the spirit of the law (moved on to enlightenment). It also seems to allude to the fact that one must stop being led by others in the hope that they might bring you into enlightenment but let the spirit within seek holy spirit guidance from the Father through Christ in you]

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