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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Blessings on One Who Never Grieves Anyone the Gospel of Philip

[Blessings] on one who has never grieved [80] a soul. This is Jesus Christ. He came to the whole earth and never laid a burden upon anyone. Blessings on one like this, for this is a perfect human.

The word tells us how difficult it is to bring this about. How can we accomplish such a feat? How can we give help to everyone?
To begin with, one must not cause grief to anyone, whether great or small, unbeliever or believer, and one must not give help to those who are well off. There are some who profit by helping the rich. The person who does good deeds will not help the rich, for this person will not take just anything that may be desirable. Nor can such a person cause them grief, since this person does not give them trouble. The new rich sometimes cause others grief, but the person who does good deeds does not do this. It is the wickedness of these people that causes their grief. The person with the nature of a perfect human gives joy to the good, but some people are deeply distressed by all this.

This seems to be a roundabout way of explaining cause and effect for all of us whether intentionally or unintentionally will result in error if we do not have all truth.  In fact since our thoughts are limited to our individual spirit consciousness we often find that our good intentions often turn out bad. This is why we must endeavor to become One with the holy spirit, the “helper” through Christ who will guide us into all truth that we can avert such things

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