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Sunday, 22 March 2020

bring forth what is within you the gospel of thomas saying 70

(70) Jesus said: If you have gained this within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have this in [you], what you do not have in you [will] kill you.

What is within you is the kingdom of heaven
What will save you is the way

What is within you is the light
What will destroy you is darkness

As I have said before there is no light on the inside unless it comes from the outside. Now in this saying Jesus is speaking about a “certain thing” which is within all true believers “that will save you” that is faith and the knowledge of the truth. The knowledge about God and Christ Jesus and the kingdom when this knowledge comes from the outside and is written on the heart (the inside) it is “that certain thing within you that will save you”.
This Saying refers to the light of knowledge, which is the salvation of those who possess it but the destruction of those who lack it." The true believer 'begets' within himself the kingdom or Jesus or light and will be saved by what he begets; the many called but not chosen have no light with in them only darkness and sin in the flesh they basically have nothing and will be killed by this nothing(ness).

On the In other words, salvation comes when the spiritual life is fully developed.
Cp. Matthew 3:8 Matthew 7:18 Luke 3:8 John 15:16 Matthew 15:16-20 Mark 7:14-23

70) Jesus said, "If you bring forth [give birth to] what is within you [the spirit of Christ "who enlightens everyone who comes into the world" - the Keys that unlock the mystery which causes you to become a bubbling fountain of Life], what you bring forth [from the scriptures and the Word within that He gives you] will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you [if you quench the spirit (like an abortion)], what you do not bring forth will destroy you [being stuck in the letter you will die in your sins]."

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