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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Chrism Is Superior to Baptism the gospel of philip

Chrism Is Superior to Baptism

Chrism is superior to baptism. We are called Christians from the word “chrism,” not from the word “baptism.” Christ also has his name from chrism, for the father anointed the son, the son anointed the apostles, and the apostles anointed us. Whoever is anointed has everything: resurrection, light, cross, holy spirit. The father gave all this to the person in the bridal chamber, and the person accepted it. The father was in the son and the son was in the father. This is heaven’s kingdom.

The chrism is superior to baptism [coming up out of the water is only the first step], for it is from the word "Chrism" that we have been called "Christians," certainly not because of the word "baptism" [John’s baptism was not a “Christian” baptism at all, it was only symbolic of repentance and washing of past sins for there was no salvation offered yet and without “hearing the Word” through Christ there was no way to apprehend it]. And it is because of the chrism that "the Christ" has his name [the Name higher than any other]. For the Father anointed the Son, and the Son anointed the apostles [giving them the “power to become sons”], and the apostles anointed us [and still do to this day by the written Word]. He who has been anointed possesses everything [is joint heir with Christ being joined to that Universal spirit]. He possesses the resurrection, the light, the cross, the Holy Spirit. The Father gave him this in the bridal chamber [the heart of man]; he merely accepted (the gift) [we do not “earn” this as it is a gift of grace]. The Father was in the Son and the Son in the Father [we must all realize that He is in us and we in Him for it is impossible for it to be any other way]. This is the Kingdom of Heaven [meditate upon this folks]. (Philip 76)

The Anointing, or Chrism, is superior to immersion. After all, it is from the word "chrism" that we derive the name "Christian"; the name is certainly not derived from the word "immersion" or it's Greek form "baptism." It is because he was the Anointed One or Messiah that the Redeemer was called the Christ. The Parents anointed the Son, the Son anointed his disciples, and the Anointed Disciples anoint us. Those who have been anointed are joint-heirs with the Anointed One; they too are Jehovah's Anointed, and they possess everything, including the knowledge to anoint others. They possess the power of resurrection, the ability to impart Light, the mystery of the cross, and the fullness of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Parents give them these gifts in the Holy of Holies to prepare them for the Bridal Chamber. Just as the Parents were in the Son and the Son was in the Parents, the Parents and Son are in their Anointed Ones and their Anointed Ones are in them. This is the nature of existence on the heavenly plane.

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