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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Farming the gospel of Philip

Farming in this world depends on four things, and a harvest is gathered and taken into the barn as a result of water, earth, air, and light.

God’s farming also depends on four things: faith, hope, love, and knowledge. Faith is the earth in which we take root. Hope is the water with which we are nourished. Love is the air through which we grow. Knowledge is the light by which we [ripen].
Grace exists [in four ways. It is] earthly; it is [heavenly]…the highest heaven….

Farming in the world requires the cooperation of four essential elements. A harvest [of fruit (sons of the kingdom)] is gathered into the barn only as a result of the natural action of water [the water of the Word must be poured onto the], earth [the earthen vessel (the heart of man) who then receives], wind [holy spirit baptism] and light [the seed of Christ]. God's farming likewise has four elements – faith, hope, love, and knowledge [these are all of the heart]. Faith is our earth [the fine soil – a prepared (pure) heart], that in which we [individual spirit consciousness] take root. And hope is the water [the life giving fountain of Christ (the Words of truth)] through which we are nourished. Love is the wind [holy spirit (our mother) who nurtures us and moves us] through which we grow [in stature and wisdom]. Knowledge [the truth about who and what we really are], then, is the light through which we ripen [mature as sons of the Kingdom]. Grace exists in four ways: it is earthborn; it is heavenly; [...] the highest heaven; [...] in [...]. (Philip 90)

A farmer must have four elements working with him to produce a successful harvest. These are water, soil, air, and light. Those who farm with the Elohim must also have four elements working with them if they are to produce a successful harvest among mankind. These are faith, hope, love, and gnosis. Faith is our soil in which those who are planted take root. Hope is the water which irrigates the soil, causing the seeds to sprout. Love is the air through which the sprouts grow as they mature. Gnosis is the light which nourishes them until they produce fruit. Without all four, no one can become prepared for the harvest.

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