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Sunday, 22 March 2020

God Plants Paradise

God Plants Paradise
[God planted] a garden, and humans [lived in the] garden. There are some [who dwell] with…God….
This garden [is where] it will be said to me, “…[eat] this and do not eat that, [as you] [74] wish.” This is where I shall eat everything, where the tree of knowledge is.

That tree killed Adam, but here the tree of knowledge has brought people back to life. That tree was the law. It can give knowledge of good and evil, but it neither freed Adam from evil nor made him good, and it brought death to those who ate of it. For when it was said, “Eat this and do not eat that,” death began.

God [...created a] garden [Paradise]. Man [...created a] garden [the world]. There are [...two gardens, a garden of man] and [...the garden of] of God. [...] The things which are in [...] I wish. This garden is the place where they will say to me, "[...Go and] eat this or do not eat that, just as you wish." In the place where I will eat all things is the Tree of Knowledge. That one killed Adam [in the garden of Eden man had life (Oneness with the Father) until free will got the better of Him and he chose to eat from that tree – this was the beginning of man’s trek into double mindedness and the animal nature (flawed reasoning)], but here the Tree of Knowledge made men alive [It was the teachings in types and images throughout the Old Testament (the Law) that pointed those who could comprehend it to the Messiah and the resurrection from the dead]. The law was the tree. It has power to give the knowledge of good and evil [for without it we would not know sin nor could we become "as gods" setting ourselves up as gods in the temple of god (our bodies)]. It neither removed him from evil, nor did it set him in the good, but it created death for those who ate of it [there is no salvation available from the works of the law according to the “letter” but the “spirit” of the law was life for those who discerned it as an allegory pointing to the Savior and the power of sonship]. For when he said, "Eat this, do not eat that", it became the beginning of death [This Command was the groundwork for the great task of creating sons.  Shortly after the precept Adam was given his first taste of free will and his conscience failed him and as a result construction could now begin on the greatest temple (not made with hands) ever created!]. (Philip 75)

The Elohim placed mankind in a Garden. They said, "Eat all these fruits, but don't eat the fruit of the Tree of Gnosis, or you will die." The Aadamah ate the fruit of the Tree of Gnosis, and death was introduced to mankind. This was the beginning of the mortal plane. When we enter Jehovah's Garden as seekers of gnosis, we are again presented with the Tree of Gnosis, but now the Elohim say, "Eat the fruit of this tree and you will live." The same tree brings Life and death, for the knowledge of good and evil puts us in a position to choose darkness and death, but it also enables us to transcend darkness and death to grasp Eternal Life

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