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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Joseph the Carpenter Gospel of Philip

Joseph the Carpenter
Philip the apostle said, “Joseph the carpenter planted a garden, for he needed wood for his trade. He is the one who made the cross from the trees he planted, and his own offspring hung on what he planted. His offspring was Jesus and what he planted was the cross.”

The tree of life, however, is in the middle of the garden. It is an olive tree, and from it comes chrism, and from chrism comes resurrection.

Philip the apostle said, "Joseph the carpenter [representing the Father] planted a garden [to cultivate] because he needed wood [raw material Natural men] for his trade [making sons]. It was he who made the cross [crucifixion (the process of sonship)] from the trees which he planted [the archons, later Pharisees and scribes who did not know their left from their right]. His own offspring [“the firstborn in many brothers”] hung on that which he planted. His offspring was Jesus, and the planting was the cross [the process sacrificing your flesh to sonship]." But the Tree of Life is in the middle of the Garden [it is within each one of us but hidden from our senses]. However, it is from the olive tree [the holy spirit] that we got the chrism [anointing], and from the chrism, the resurrection [by having Christ sealed in us]. (Philip 73)

Philip the Apostle said, "Joseph the Carpenter planted a garden because he needed wood for building. It was from one of these trees that the cross was made on which his son was hung. The gods of darkness often warp the good things we do so that they produce evil fruit. The final result is not with darkness, however. The dark lords thought they were producing evil when they crucified the Redeemer, but they were his instruments, enabling him to generate the power of salvation in behalf of all mankind."

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