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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Know Yourself The Gospel of Philip

Know Yourself

All those who have everything should know themselves, should they not? If some do not know themselves, they will not enjoy what they have, but those who know themselves will enjoy their possessions.

Is it not necessary for all those who possess everything [all are created in His image and likeness] to know themselves [many do not comprehend who they are or where they come from]? Some indeed, if they do not know themselves, will not enjoy what they possess [these cannot discern spiritual things and are still under a tutor (the “letter” of the law)]. But those who have come to know themselves [have understood the “Spirit” of the Word (law) and are able to overcome the “world”] will enjoy their possessions [for these will inherit the Kingdom]. (Philip 82)

Those who posses all things should advance to that knowledge of themaselves which is gnosis and leads to the knowledge of god . those who do not possess this kn owledge of themselves will not truly enjoy or profit from what they have but those who attain this knowledge will enjoy it that is the things they possess

To gain an inheritance in the kingdom of heaven, you must know yourself. The gate to the kingdom of heave is within you. When you know yourself, you will know the Path that leads to that gate, and you will understand how to open the gate when you arrive at it. Then you will possess all things, and you will be able to enjoy your possessions. Those who try to acquire possessions without knowing themselves will lose what they thought they possessed. They will find that they have lost the ability to enjoy.

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