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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Knowledge and Love the gospel of Philip

Knowledge and Love

Whoever knows the truth is free, and a free person does not sin, for “one who sins is a slave of sin.” Truth is the mother, knowledge is the father. Those who do not allow themselves to sin the world calls free. They do not allow themselves to sin, and knowledge of the truth lifts them up—that is, it makes them free and superior to all. But “love builds up.” Whoever is free through knowledge is a slave because of love for those who do not yet have freedom of knowledge. Knowledge enables them to be free.
Love [never says] it owns something, [though] it owns [everything]. Love does not [say, “This is mine]” or “That is mine,” but rather, “[All that is mine] is yours.”

He who has knowledge of the truth [comprehends who He truly is and where he came from and why Christ was sent etc…] is a free man [a spirit son of God who has been redeemed], but the free man does not sin [“..he cannot sin for he is born of God”], for "He who sins is the slave of sin [our flesh is still a slave of sin though our spirit is not – See Romans 7]". Truth is the mother [the holy spirit guides us into all truth - the universal spirit or subconscious mind (awareness)], knowledge the father [our sub-conscious mind (soul) created in His image yet is heavily influenced by the flesh (conscious mind) to oppose the Father at every turn]. Those who think that sinning does not apply to them are called "free" by the world [this is nominal Christo-paganism today who think they can continue to let sin lord it over them without penalty as long as they eat a cookie and put a penny in the plate]. Knowledge of the truth merely makes such people [who are wise in their own eyes] arrogant, which is what the words, "it makes them free" mean [to them]. It even gives them a sense of superiority over the whole world [a form of haughtiness that they are already saved because their sins have been forgiven]. But "Love builds up" (1 Co 8:1) [the Father chastises those He loves and these grow in stature and wisdom and learn self-control]. In fact, he who is really free, through [true] knowledge, is a slave, because of love for those who have not yet been able to attain to the freedom of knowledge [he becomes ministerial servant to these]. Knowledge makes them capable of becoming free [for “to them gave he power to become sons” - this capability comes from transformation as we become as our Master we lose our "selves" and become One with the Father to obey and do His will and act righteously towards others]. Love never calls something its own, [...] it [...] possess [...]. It never says, "This is yours" or "This is mine," but "All these are yours".

Those who are freed through gnosis remain as though they were slaves because of Love. Their Love for others binds them to the mortal plane so that they can help them ascend to freedom. Their essence is freedom but their appearance is slavery. They have ceased to be slaves of darkness, but they make themselves slaves in Light. They are redeemed, so they become redeemers of others. They are anointed, so they minister as christs on the mortal plane.

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