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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Like Brings Forth Like the gospel of philip

Like Brings Forth Like
A horse brings forth a horse, a human brings forth humans, a deity brings forth deities. So also bridegrooms and brides come from the [bridegroom and bride].
No Jews…from Greeks…from Jews…to Christians. [There was another generation of people], and these [blessed people] were called the chosen spiritual ones, [76] true humankind, the child of humankind, and the offspring of the child of humankind. This true generation is renowned in the world, and this is where the attendants of the bridal chamber are.

A horse sires a horse a man begets man [this is the law of Yahweh], a god brings forth a god [“kind after its own kind”]. Compare the bridegroom and the bride. They have come from the [...]. No Jew [...] has existed. And [...the Son of man came] from the Jews. [...And the] Christians [...came from the Son of man] these [...] are referred to as "The chosen people of [...God]," and "The true man" and "Son of Man" and "the seed of the Son of Man". This true race is renowned in the world [...] that the sons of the bridal chamber dwell. (Philip 80)

Those things which are alike are drawn to one another. If you live your life as an animal, animals will be drawn to you. If you live your life as a good person, good people will be drawn to you. If you become like the Elohim, the Elohim  will be drawn to you.

Every animal produces its own kind. Humans produce humans. Gods produce Gods. Our bodies are the children of mortals, so they are mortal, but our spirits are the children of Gods. We will grow up to be Gods like our Divine Parents unless our growth is stunted. Our growth will be stunted if we are not properly nourished. We must drink from the Breast of the Divine while we need milk to drink, and when we are ready for solid food, we must feast at the Table of the Divine if our food is going to nourish us. Only if we are fed thoroughly on milk and then the solid food of the Holy Spirit will we grow into Divine Anthropos like our Exalted Parents.

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