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Sunday, 22 March 2020

love the master the Gospel of Philip

Children and Love
The children a woman brings forth resembles the man she loves. If it is her husband, they resemble her husband. If it is a lover, they resemble the lover. Often, if a woman must sleep with her husband but her heart is with the lover with whom she usually has sex, the child she bears will resemble the lover.

So, you who live with the son of God, do not love the world but love the master, that what you bring forth may not resemble the world but may resemble the master.

The children a woman bears resemble [has the characteristics of] the man who loves her. If her husband loves her, then they resemble her husband [like Abel]. If it is an adulterer, then they resemble the adulterer [like Cain]. Frequently, if a woman sleeps [can no longer discern spiritual things] with her husband [this is about the body of Christ - i.e. christo-paganism] out of necessity [feigning love, for one cannot truly love their husband if their heart is far from Him], while her heart is with the adulterer [her thoughts and desires of the flesh (sarx) pride of life, covetness, etc..] with whom she usually has intercourse [her thoughts are usually on “worldly” things and not the heavenly things], the child she will bear is born resembling the adulterer [this is the child that is conceived in her heart (the spirit of antichrist in this case)]. Now you who live together with the Son of God [have conceived a spirit son by the union of His seed and the holy spirit in your heart], love not the world [do not conform to it but instead conform to Christ], but love the Lord [by obediently walking in “the way, the truth and the life”], in order that those [fruits] you will bring forth may not resemble the world, but may resemble the Lord. (Philip 87) [This is about maturing as Christ in our hearts and minds.  It is our individual spirit consciousness uniting with the holy spirit to do the will of our Father.  We must put off the “old man” (our errant will) and put on the “new man” (do what is in harmony with the will of the Father).  Any thing else is in opposition and in error (sin).

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