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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

mysteries Saying 62

Saying 62

(62) Jesus said: I speak my mysteries to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries. What your right hand does, let not your left hand know what it does.

Isa 45:3 the mysteries are the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Christ Jesus and it is all sumed up in the mystery of godliness Deity manifested in flesh

 Jesus explained the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven privately to his disciples Lxx Isa 24:16
Left hand, right hand (as when he spoke of keeping the left hand ignorant of what the right hand was doing, or the stones crying out).

62) ###Jesus said, "It is to those [who are worthy of My] mysteries [those who toil day and night in spirit and in truth asking, seeking and knocking to find life] that I tell [reveal] My mysteries [through the Keys of Knowledge that help unravel these mysteries]. #Do not let your left hand [the power of the flesh who does not ask, seek and knock but rather "puts their trust in the arm of flesh" (the dead) to feed them] know what your right hand [the Messiah Himself] is doing [in you as the "the author and finisher of your faith"]." 

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