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Sunday, 22 March 2020

persecuted Gospel of Thomas saying 68

(68) Jesus said: Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted, and they will find no place where you have been persecuted.

“Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted.” Jesus here again is speaking about missionary work may be in saying 50 he is sending out the twelve and here he is sending out the 70 or he come be speaking to both of them after the resurrection telling them that they will be persecuted this saying is also a prophecy of both 70 AD and what is going to happen in the near future in 70 AD the place was Jerusalem the temple and the priesthood who persecuted the Jerusalem church and also the Romans persecuted the early church but when it was joined to roman

“for no place will be found, where you have been persecuted” this is one of the promese of Jesus when Rome shall be desolated, than shall be the redemption of Israel and the Israel of God

68)## Jesus said, "Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted [especially by those who profess Christ]. Wherever you have been persecuted [when bringing forth the higher/inward (spiritual) teachings that either refines or condemns them] they will find no Place [power to resist - "the Word is a double edged sword.."]."

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