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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

possessions Gospel of Thomas Saying 72

(72) [A man said] to him: Speak to me brothers, that they may divide my father's possessions with me. He said to him: O man, who made me a divider? He turned to his disciples. He said to them, I am not a divider, am I?

Clearly, the Lord Jesus did not come into this world in order to concern himself with mundane and worldly matters. Rather he came to bring teachings of the Kingdom of God. The worthy disciple is not supposed to be like the foolish man who came to Jesus about his inheritance. Instead, if he is to be worthy of Jesus message, he is supposed to devote himself exclusively to Jesus’ mission.

72)# [A man [religious leader] said] to Him, "Tell my brothers [believers] to divide my father's possessions with me [create thousands of denominations of differing Christian doctrines]." He said to him, "O man, who has made Me a divider ["is Christ divided?"]?" He turned to His disciples and said to them, "I am not a divider, am I [is there not only One true teacher, One New Covenant, One Spirit, One doctrine?]?"

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