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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Putting on Light the gospel of philip

Putting on Light
The perfect human can be neither grasped nor seen. What is seen can be grasped. No one can obtain this grace without putting on perfect light and becoming perfect light. Whoever puts on light will enter [the place of rest]. This is perfect [light, and] we [must] become [perfect humans] before we leave [the world]. Whoever obtains everything [but does not separate] from this world will [not] be able [to attain] that realm but will [go to the] middle place, for that one is not perfect. [77] Only Jesus knows the fate of that person.

Not only will they [the sinful rulers of the world] be unable to detain the perfect man [keep one of the elect (sealed sons) from the Kingdom], but they will not be able to see him [they are spiritually blind and do not know that the Kingdom has overtaken them], for if they see him [then their eyes will have been opened], they will detain him [so that they may learn more about sonship]. There is no other way for a person to acquire this quality except by putting on the perfect light [being anointed by holy spirit and having Christ in them] and he too becoming perfect light [not a Christian but a Christ]. He who has put it on will enter […]. This is the perfect [...] that we [...] become [...] before we leave [...]. Whoever receives everything [...] hither [...] be able [...] that place, but will [...] the Middle as imperfect. Only Jesus knows the end of this person [as He has been given authority to judge all]. (Philip 83)

Spirits of darkness cannot hinder those who have been perfected, for they cannot even see them. The Perfected Ones are clothed in Garments of Light which hide them from those who do not have clear sight. You cannot enter the heavenly realm without perfecting yourself, for only those who are perfected can be sanctified, and only the sanctified can enter the heavenly realm. Others may enter other realms, but only the Lord knows what will become of them.

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