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Saturday, 28 March 2020

saying 61

Saying 61

61) Jesus said: Two will rest upon a bed; one will die, the other live. Salome said: Who are you, man, whose son? You have mounted my bed and eaten from my table. Jesus said to her: I am he who comes forth from the one who is equal; I was given of the things of my Father. <Salome said:> I am your disciple. <Jesus said to her:> Therefore I say: If he is equal, he is full of light, but if he is divided, he will be full of darkness.

This saying is about the judgement seat of Christ only the few who makes the right choices and commit to Jesus and his teachings will receive the final reward, immortal. All other will die.
The one who will die is identified with the corpse that dies and is eaten in the previous saying. And the one who will live is identified with the sons of the living one.

Two on a couch probably refers to a dinner party or symposium - a place one is least likely to anticipate death. Death strikes when we least expect it and rather arbitrarily. (the couch of course being the place where they reclined at the table).

This context is confirmed by the remark of Salome in v. 2: 'Who are you, sir? You haveclimbed onto my couch and eaten from my table as if you are from someone.' Jesus is here  represented as an intruder at a dinner party." (The Five Gospels, p. 507)

I am he who comes forth from the one who is equal
Lambdin has "I am he who exists from the undivided."

this part of the saying resembles that of saying 50 this time it is Jesus who is asked the question not the disciples being told how to answer questions and Jesus responds in the same way he told his disciples to answer questions we are naturally divided from God Jesus came so that the divided might be undivided Yahweh is the one who is undivided that is Yahweh is not 3 gods in one God, to have 3 existing as one is not a unity but a division the father would have no power for the 3rd person the so called Holy ghost would have the power and that would make the Holy Ghost a woman and not a man and she would be the wife of the father and the mother of the son but this is not so the holy spirit is the power of Yahweh but he is one El (powerful one) in many Elohim (powerful ones) that is Deity manifestation Deity manifested in flesh and spirit. Jesus like us derives his life from Yahweh for he is the God of the spirit of all flesh Jesus in the days of his flesh breath the 5397 and the 7307 but after his death and post-resurrectional glory his flesh was totally animated by the spirit thus being called the Lord the spirit

Therefore, I say, when he is united he will be filled with light,
what Jesus meant by his answer, though it may contain reminiscences of John 5:18 ('He called God his own Father, making himself equal to God'; cf., Philippians 2:6) and Matthew 11:27 ('All things have been delivered to me by my Father' cf., Luke 10:22).

61)# Jesus said, "Two [believers] will rest on a bed [couched in a religion]: the one will die [remain in union (married) with that religion and its worldly lower/outward forms], and the other will live ["come out from her..." into the spiritual higher/inward substance]." Salome [mother of James and John] said to him, "Who are You, man, that You, as though from the One [He being circumcised and bound by the laws of the Jewish religion], have come up on my couch and eaten from my table [trying to ascertain her spiritual condition]?" Jesus said to her, "I am He who exists from the Undivided [One with the Spirit of God (His unleavened Word is harmoniously captured in the Old and the New Testaments in the spirit of Truth)]. I was given some of the things of my Father [the Keys of Knowledge and the fruit this knowledge bears]." <Salome said,> "I am Your disciple [as all of the Christo-pagan worshippers in worldly religions say]." <Jesus said to her,> "Therefore I say [so listen carefully with both ears], if he is <undivided> [able to focus on the Word without the leaven of the Pharisees (worldly religious leaders) and see the harmony], he will be filled with light [both testaments are opened up with the same keys], but if he is divided [still serving two master, vacillating between the pure word and the leaven of their worldly masters who say that the Old and New Testaments are not in harmony and blame Messiah for "false teachings"], he will be filled with darkness [never come to the knowledge of the truth and die in his sins]."

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