Gnostic Doctrine

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sin is in the flesh

Sin is in the flesh

Sin is in the flesh, the flesh is as the cloths we wear; the vessel, the shell - kept alive by the spirit, soul cannot keep organic life alive like a sperm cannot produce the egg, sperm must find the egg, going through a tiny bit of darkness and only one enters in. The flesh is sinful in nature, because of soul and is this souls fault? No. Yet soul is captive within the flesh of man. Soul is the higher intelligence of man and when soul mingles with the instinctual spirit of life, ego is manifested from the flesh, and is ego is blame. No. This is where all the gods came from, the imaginations of the ego through the soul who's come from the light. Soul is drawn by ego to image its the spirit having a human experience, this is not so. Soul is the true child of the Father. Its time for soul to awaken within I hope everyone's ready for the Lord wants none to perish.

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