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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Slave and Free the gospel of Philip

Slave and Free
People who are slaves against their will can be free. People who are freed by favor of their master and then sell themselves back into slavery cannot be free again

He who is a slave against his will [we become a slave to sin when we allow our subjective mind to be stolen by the will of others who like to lord it over us], will be able to become free [if they receive the knowledge of the truth and are able to purge the old leaven from their hearts (this is the subconscious mind that has been formed by the world to do according to the will of man]. He who has become free by favor of his master [by Christ’s redemption], and has sold himself into slavery [returns to his own vomit, i.e. goes back to the beggarly things of the world and the will of man], will no longer be able to be free [for if you have once tasted the free gifts of the spirit you must not go back to the ways of the old man piercing the Christ again and again by your actions]. (Philip 89)

Those who are freed through gnosis remain as though they were slaves because of Love. Their Love for others binds them to the mortal plane so that they can help them ascend to freedom. Their essence is freedom but their appearance is slavery. They have ceased to be slaves of darkness, but they make themselves slaves in Light. They are redeemed, so they become redeemers of others. They are anointed, so they minister as christs on the mortal plane.

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