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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Slaves and the Free the gospel of philip

Slaves and the Free
In this world slaves serve the free. In heaven’s kingdom the free will serve the slaves and the attendants of the bridal chamber will serve the wedding guests.

The attendants of the bridal chamber have only one name, and that is rest. When they are together, they need no other form, [for they are in] contemplation…perception. They are superior…among those in…the glories of glories….

In this world, the slaves [debtors] serve the free [creditors]. In the Kingdom of Heaven, the free will minister to the slaves: the children of the bridal chamber will minister to the children of the marriage [all of those who have become “sons” and are doing according to His will do this inherently without being told]. The children of the bridal chamber [the firstfruits] have [.a new..] name: rest [the rest comes when you find the Kingdom inside of you and eat from the tree of Life]. Altogether, they need take no other form [although these are still in the physical body, they are walking in accord with the spirit], because they have contemplation [their thoughts continually seek righteousness and the will of the Father] , [...]. They are numerous [...] in the things [...] the glories [...] 

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