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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

solitary Gospel of Thomas Saying 75


75) Jesus said: There are many standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber.

The many who stood before the door are probably the foolish virgins of Matthew 25:1-13; only the 'solitary' or 'single one’ those who have committed themselves to Jesus can enter the bridal chamber. True marriage is the union with Jesus, the true husband and it is his bridal chamber that the believer is supposed to enter. We must enter the bridal chamber by baptism in this age or life and become married to Jesus to be like him morally and spiritually than in the age; to come we can enter into the true bridal chamber.
The male and female are united in the bridal chamber now the bridal chamber is a uniting with the divine when one is united with the Father and the Son the mystical union between the bridegroom and Anointed bride. The bridal chamber is to be made consubstantial with the Saviour that is the elect shares body and essence with the Saviour because of its oneness and union with Saviour that is why it is called the bridal chamber and this is why the saviour came to make the two one in the bridal chamber that is to be made consubstantial baptism is also called the bridal chamber because of the agreement and the inseparability of the one whom he has pot on. The bridal chamber is also to be born from above.

75)# Jesus said, "Many [are called and] are standing at the door [of the Word but cannot hear with a carnal ear thanks to putting their trust in religious leaders instead of Him], but it is the solitary [those who know that we should ask, seek and knock at our own cistern and not be led astray by false teachers ("One is your Teacher" Mat 28:8) who will enter the bridal chamber [these are set-apart from the world]." 

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