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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Strength and Weakness The Gospel of Philip

Strength and Weakness

In this world, where strength and weakness are to be found, there is union of male and female, but in the eternal realm there is a different kind of union.

Although we refer to these things with the same words, there are also other words that are superior to every word that is pronounced.
These are above strength. For there is strength and there are those superior to strength, and they are not different but the same. This is incomprehensible to hearts of flesh.

Whereas in this world the union is one of [a physical] husband with [a physical] wife [a union of flesh] - a case of strength complemented by weakness - in the Aeon (eternal realm), the form of the union is different, although we refer to them by the same names [i.e. husband and wife - the union of our individual spirit consciousness with His Christ Consciousness within our hearts – a spirit to spirit (thought to thought union)]. There are other names, however; they are superior to every other name that is named and are stronger than the strong. For where there is a show of strength [faith], there those who excel in strength appear. These are not separate things, but both of them are this one single thing [Life]. This is the one which will not be able to rise above the heart of flesh [for flesh cannot discern it]. (Philip 81)

In the Bridal Chamber we learn the mystery of total union with the Divine. We must become one with all who have preceded us into the Divine. Division is a product of darkness; union is a product of Light.
Mortal marriage is a marriage of division. Each side, by nature, is led to try to dominate the other. Spiritual marriage is a marriage of unity. All sides are strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no domination, but only pure Love. The ones in the marriage who are more powerful lift up the others to be equal with them. These are the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber.

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