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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

the feast the Gospel of Thomas Saying 64

Saying 64

(64) Jesus said: A man had guests; and when he had prepared the dinner, he sent his servants to invite the guests. He went to the first, and said to him: My master invites you. He said: I have money with some merchants; they are coming to me this evening. I will go and give them my orders. I ask to be excused from the dinner. He went to another (and) said to him: My master invites you. He said to him: I have bought a house, and I am asked for a day. I shall not have time. He went to another (and) said to him: My master invites you. He said to him: My friend is about to be married, and I am to arrange the dinner. I shall not be able to come. I ask to be excused from dinner. He went to another, he said to him: My master invites you. He said to him: I have bought a farm; I am going to collect the rent. I shall not be able to come. I ask to be excused. The servant came back (and) said to his master: Those whom you have invited to dinner have asked to be excused. The master said to his servant: Go out to the roads, bring those whom you find, that they may dine. Traders and merchants [shall] not [enter] the places of my Father.

The parable as spoken in Galilee makes the king “a man,” who gives a supper, instead of a wedding feast; and sends out one servant instead of a number. It also gives the excuses of the invited guests, which are in detail omitted in the Jerusalem parable. The principal difference is in the instruction given to the servant by the master on the refusal of the guests being reported to him. He was to go “Go outside to the streets and bring back those whom you happen to meet, so that they may dine.” The order of invitation according to the Galilee parable is, 1st, selected guests who refuse; 2nd, the people in the streets 3rd, Businessmen and merchants will not enter the Places of My Father."

An order something like this is visible in the apostolic operations: 1. “It was necessary that the word of God should FIRST have been spoken to the Jews” (Acts 13:46). 2. “The salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and they will hear it” (Acts 28:28). 3. (Nearly A.D. 100, when the Apostles were all in their graves except John), “The Spirit and the Bride say, come,.… whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely” (Rev. 22:17). Go outside to the streets and bring back those whom you happen to meet operation continues to the very coming of the Lord, and embraces “those who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord.” It acts upon the figuratively “poor and maimed, and halt and blind.” This explains why it is that the Gospel is not received among the wise and noble of the world, but is confined to such as are of no standing or account, even as it was in the days of Jesus. The cultured and the well-to-do are too much pre-occupied with their own self-comforting devices to have room for the ways of God. The lowly classes are not much better off in this respect, but among them are here and there to be found such as are small in their own eyes, and prepared in an honest and glad heart to “receive the Kingdom of God as little children.”3 Buyers and merchants will not enter the places of my father or the men or the man is the son of man who is inviting many to come and seit down with him at his table with the forefathers and eat of his banquet the guests are sons of the kingdom who rejected the call or invite the ones invited have declined (64:10)so the master said go out onto the roads and bring in those whom you find so that they may dine. Now they would not have brothght in anyone but only those who are worthy but if some one unworthy was there he will be cast out into outer darkness for Businessmen and merchants will not enter the Places of My Father." Cp. Mt 22:11-13 In due season the second coming of the Lord will happen and he will spread out a holy fest upon the banqiet table the worthy enter his house to dine and commune with abrham Iscic Jacbo this is the wedding feast after the judgement the worthy will eanter the bridal chamber.

64)## Jesus said, "A man [Jesus] had received visitors [friends of the bridegroom (Moses, Elijah etc..)]. And when he had prepared the dinner [the true bread (of life) the Word in plain language for those who were worthy to receive it], he sent his servant [His apostles/prophets] to invite guests [share the good news with believers called to Him by the Father]. He went to the first one [religious leaders of the Jewish system of worship] and said to him, "My master invites you.' He said, 'I have claims against some merchants [their house was full of money changers and merchants selling "sheep" and "doves" - much like today she too was one "who made a merchandise of My people"]. They are coming to me this evening [the time that the Old Covenant was near to passing away]. I must go and give them my orders [instruct them in how to increase gain in their quarters so they could keep their tithes and offerings coming in to the head office of the Synagogues]. I ask to be excused [instead of "accused"] from the dinner [being inflamed with the lusts of the flesh he has no desire to depart from his luxurious lifestyle nor the power it brings him in the world].' He went to another [the Roman Church state] and said, 'My master has invited you.' He said to him, 'I have just bought a house [invested everything I had in establishing this new religion (what became the "Triple Crown Power" serving the god of mammon as the great whore riding the beast] and am required for the day [must serve the whole day (1,000 year period) before the reformation]. I shall not have any spare time [my will is more important than yours and it difficult to keep over a billion people bound up].' He went to another [the owner of the reformation (protestant religions)] and said to him, 'My master invites you.' He said to him, 'My friend [ministers of this false religious system and its progeny (denominations - daughters of the great whore)] is going to get married [they believe in their depraved minds that they are actually part of the marriage of the lamb when observing their lower/outward (worldly) forms and traditions], and I am to prepare the banquet [feed them with my errant teachings so they continue believing they are saved as long as they keep putting money in the plate and eat the bread I choose to give them]. I shall not be able to come [to your particular banquet as I am not able to accept and digest your truths while in this depraved condition]. I ask to be excused from the dinner [I am happy in my own worldly and prestigious way right now].' He went to another [the new age worship system that makes God into man's image i.e. the global trust every nation is bound by in its constitutions, acts, statutes, and codes (all forms of commerce also controlled by the mother of all harlots Triple Crown Power)] and said to him, 'My master invites you.' He said to him, 'I have just bought a farm [literally the people of the nations are considered and sold as chattel (beasts) of the farm (nation) they are citizens of.  Orwell said it pretty plainly!  This is effectively the "state" or corporate worship system who in the latter days has incorporated virtually all "so called" religions into its fold causing all to receive the mark of the beast and to serve the god of mammon], and I am on my way to collect the rent [this is pretty accurate as no one truly owns anything in their system but must pay tribute to their master (even "home owners" do not own their homes but are merely "tenants" - look at the fine print!) - it is important to note at this time that this form of worship has its "churches" also but in the form of curia's or courts that are used to collect tithes (fines) and offerings (court costs) from its parishioners when they break a law (sin)]. I shall not be able to come [again he is not even able to consider such an offer in this depraved state]. I ask to be excused.' The servant returned and said to his master, 'Those whom you invited to the dinner [the Judo-Christians of the world over the 2,000 year Messianic age] have asked to be excused [these love the lie (the food of the wicked one)].' The master said to his servant, 'Go outside [of the religious establishments (which are full of faithless "believers" who call themselves by my name but do not do according to my will)] to the streets [the broad ways - where they have not know me] and bring back those [whose hearts are pure and are able to shake loose their drunkenness in the world] whom you happen to meet [good or bad], so that they may dine [on the true hidden manna, which I will reveal to them].' Businessmen and merchants [those who sell the (revised and carnal) Word of God for profit] will not enter [for these "felt themselves unworthy to receive the Kingdom"] the Places of My Father." 

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