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Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Holy Person the gospel of philip

The Holy Person
The holy person is completely holy, including the person’s body. The holy person who takes up bread consecrates it, and does the same with the cup or anything else the person takes up and consecrates. So how would the person not consecrate the body also?

The priest [one anointed in holy spirit] is completely holy, down to his very body [for his body is the temple]. For if he has taken the bread [of life – “Christ in him” (the Word)], he will consecrate [dedicate] it. Or the cup [the refiner’s fire (trials in this current world)] or anything else [blessings] that he gets, he will consecrate. Then how will he not consecrate the body also [The body (temple) undergoes a change when we conceive a spirit son within and begin to mature - just as a caterpillar consumes food in order to grow enough to begin the metamorphosis process we too eat the bread of life in the same way.  Once we have conceived as regenerated spirit sons of the Father through anointing of the Holy Spirit we too form a chrysalis (a new garment) that covers our whole body until the “head” falls off.  This head represents our “old man” who has died (the carnal nature).  Over time our garment then becomes transparent as glass as we overcome the world and walk in pure truth.  This then is broken open just as the veil is rent giving birth to a completely new creation (butterfly) as we are delivered from the womb of what appeared to be death into glorified sons of our Heavenly Father.]? (Philip 84)

Holiness is essential to the Priesthood. How can a priest sanctify the bread and wine or the water of immersion if he is not holy himself. Only those who have mastered gnosis can be completely holy, but every priest has mastered enough gnosis to have acquired a degree of holiness through which to sanctify the elements of the ordinances. We must become holy in body and spirit, for both body and spirit minister the elements of holiness. This is why Jesus said, "You must become as perfect as your Divine Parents are."

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