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Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Inner and the Outer The gospel of philip

The Inner and the Outer
[For this reason] he said, “I have come to make [the lower] like the [upper and the] outer like the [inner, and to unite] them in that place.” [He spoke] here in symbols [and images].

Those who say [there is a heavenly person and] one that is higher are wrong, for they call the visible heavenly person [68] “lower” and the one to whom the hidden realm belongs “higher.” It would be better for them to speak of the inner, the outer, and the outermost. For the master called corruption “the outermost darkness,” and there is nothing outside it. He said, “My father who is in secret.” He said, “Go into your room, shut the door behind you, and pray to your father who is in secret”—that is, the one who is innermost. What is innermost is the fullness, and there is nothing further within. And this is what they call uppermost.
The heavenly person above is the Eternal Father Above. The one who is innermost is The Son who fills us with the fullness or Divine quality. 

The Lord did everything in a mystery, a baptism [which comes by “hearing the Word”] and a chrism [the conflict in your conscience, the war in your members] and a Eucharist [the death of the “old man” while “conforming to Christ”] and a redemption [the release from past sins] and a bridal chamber [the heart where “Christ in you” is conceived]. [...] he said, "I came to make the things below [the thoughts of natural man – chaos and double mindedness] like the things above [the thoughts of spiritual man –One in spirit and single eyed], and the things outside [the physical] like those inside [the spiritual]. I came to unite them in the place " [...] here through types [...]and images. (Philip 55)

Those who say, "There is a heavenly man and there is one above him" are wrong. For it is the first of these two heavenly, the one who is revealed [all men are created in God’s image and likeness so they too are heavenly, just a little lower in stature], that they call "the one who is below"; and he [the Father] to whom the hidden belongs [“the owner of the house”] is that one who is above him. For it would be better for them to say, "The inner [the Christ Consciousness (the kingdom inside you)] and outer [the individual spirit consciousness in man], and what is outside the outer" [the flesh - evil desires and intentions]. Because of this, the Lord called destruction the "the outer darkness" [which is the “flesh which is good for nothing at all”]: there is not another outside of it. He said, "My Father who is in secret". He said, "Go into your chamber [your heart – where the spirit of truth dwells] and shut the door behind you [shut out all worldly distractions], and pray to your Father who is in secret" (Mt 6:6) [this is not a group thing but a close personal pleading in “spirit and in truth” for those who comprehend it for this is the only way you can pray to the Father], the one who is within them all [the Christ Consciousness which is within all true believers]. But that which is within them all is the fullness [the fullness is Christ, the “I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE” or better termed “He will be Mighty Ones (Yahweh Elohim)” for we are all in Him and He in us]. Beyond it, there is nothing else within it. This is that of which they say, "That which is above them" [so what they say is above them is in reality the fullness of the Father within them – we are told that what is above is also “the “inner” hence another witness to the statement; “the kingdom is inside of you”] (Philip 56)

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