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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Temple in Jerusalem the Gospel of Philip

The Temple in Jerusalem

There were three structures for sacrifice in Jerusalem. One opened to the west and was called the holy place; a second opened to the south and was called the holy of the holy; the third opened to the east and was called the holy of holies, where only the high priest could enter. The holy place is baptism; the holy of the holy is redemption; the holy of holies is the bridal chamber. Baptism entails resurrection and redemption, and redemption is in the bridal chamber. The bridal chamber is within a realm superior to [what we belong to], and you cannot find anything [like it…. These] are the ones who worship [in spirit and in truth, for they do not worship] in Jerusalem. There are people in Jerusalem who [do worship] in Jerusalem, and they await [the mysteries] called [the holy] of holies, the curtain [of which] was torn. [Our] bridal chamber is the image [of the bridal chamber] [70] above. That is why its curtain was torn from top to bottom, for some people from below had to go up.

Temple, Cross, Ark

The mysteries of truth are made known in symbols and images. The bedchamber is hidden, and it is the holy of the holy. At first the curtain concealed how God manages creation, but when the curtain is torn and what is inside appears, this building will be left deserted, or rather will be destroyed. And the whole godhead will flee from here but not into the holy of holies, for it cannot mingle with pure [light] and [perfect] fullness. Instead it will remain under the wings of the cross [and under] its arms. This ark will be salvation [for people] when floodwaters [85] surge over them.

According to Valentinians theologians, the divine Fullness (pleroma) corresponds to the Holy of Holies in the Temple (Herakleon Fragment 13). Like the Holy of Holies, the Pleroma is separated from the "outer tent" (i.e. the cosmos) by a boundary or Limit which is often described as a curtain or "veil". 

The Holy Spirit has made us a temple of Christ.

There were three buildings specifically for sacrifice in Jerusalem. The one facing the west was called "The Holy" [representing faith]. Another, facing south, was called "The Holy of the Holy" [representing water]. The third, facing east, was called "The Holy of the Holies" [representing spirit], the place where only the high priest enters [presently the “priest” is one who has “become as their Master”]. Baptism is "the Holy" building [the holy building is the temple of our body (“not made with hands”) where the individual spirit consciousness has “heard the word and believed” therefore receiving the seed of “Christ in you”]. Redemption is the "Holy of the Holy" [This is when the holy spirit anointing takes place and we begin to recognize the hidden things of God and begin “growing in stature and wisdom” much as Jesus did]. "The Holy of the Holies" is the bridal chamber [where the “Christ in you” is fully formed in the womb and becomes a begotten son of the Father ready to burst forth]. Baptism includes the resurrection and the redemption; the redemption (takes place) in the bridal chamber [when the male seed of the Father through Christ (remember this is not physical but thought!) is joined to the female spirit consciousness in your heart a new creation (son) takes place redeeming you from the “world”]. But the bridal chamber is in that which is superior to [...] you will not find [...] are those who pray [...] Jerusalem who [...] Jerusalem , [...] those called the "Holy of the Holies" [...] the veil was rent, [...] bridal chamber except the image [...] above. Because of this, its veil [the flesh] was rent from top to bottom [when the carnal mind is overcome by the spirit son it can no longer hinder him from seeing all that there is above and below, inside and outside]. For it was fitting for some from below to go upward [the firstfruits are raised to a higher status as part of a royal priesthood]. (Philip 61)

The temple contains the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, but the Holy of Holies is only the gateway to still holier places. When we follow gnosis, our progression is Endless. When the Redeemer offered himself on the cross, the veil of the temple was torn in half from top to bottom. Prior to that time, only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies, but after that, anyone could enter who would learn the keys for admission. The veil was parted so that every follower of gnosis could become a high priest and enter the Holy of Holies, through which they could ascend to holier places.

When the Son of the Elohim was crucified, the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom. This was to show us that through the power generated on his cross, the way has been opened for us to pass through the veil to the Holy of Holies, and beyond it to the Bridal Chamber. The veil was torn completely so that we could know that everyone who gets as far as the veil can enter. Beyond the veil are the rooms of power. When you have entered them, you will begin to learn the true nature of power, and you will grow in that nature. Then you will become divine, for you will ascend in gnosis endlessly, becoming continually more integrated into that Reality which is your true nature. Your progression will be endless as you rise from world to world through Eternal Light. This is your potential because of the descent and death of the Redeemer. Because he descended, he has risen. Because he died, he has Eternal Life. Because you have descended with him, you will rise with him, and your name, too, will be Eternal. Amen

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