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Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Water of Baptism and Death the gospel of philip

The Water of Baptism and Death
As Jesus perfected the water of baptism, he poured death out. For this reason we go down into the water but not into death, that we may not be poured out into the spirit of the world. When it blows, winter comes. When the holy spirit blows, summer comes.

By perfecting the water of baptism [by remaining sinless and learning obedience through suffering, taking on the sin of the world, and being crucified at the hands of evil men for doing good knowing this was the will of His Father and choosing it, He rent the curtain of flesh in two opening the door to the heavens to His brothers below], Jesus emptied it [the world] of death [the second]. Thus we [the individual spirits of elohim] do go down into the water [the physical body], but we do not go down into death [the second – all must enter the first death and be resurrected in order that the second death have no power over them], in order that we may not be poured out into the spirit of the world [which leads to the second death - the Word (water of life) is only discernable by those who are spirit begotten who are then able to see the deceptions of the world and avoid any fornication with it]. When that spirit blows, it brings the winter [both the first death (ignorance) and the second death (willful sin after being given the knowledge of truth) are periods of winter]. When the Holy Spirit breathes, the summer [life] comes. (Philip 85)

2 For the law of that [holy] spirit which gives life in union with Christ Jesus [through conception as a spirit son] has set you free [“the sons are free”] from the law of sin and of death (Romans 8).

Jesus sanctified water for washing away the effects of darkness. Sanctified water is not only water; it is also Light. Our Primal Parents were immersed in water, but to them the water was a Sea of Light. Just as bread and wine become the body and blood of the Redeemer when they are sanctified, the water becomes a Sea of Light when it is consecrated. We are immersed in Light, and Light burns the effects of darkness out of us so that we are clean.

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