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Friday, 27 March 2020

the world Gospel of Thomas Saying 80

Saying 80

(80) Jesus said: He who has known the world has found the body; and he who has found the body, the world is not worthy of him.

This world is one of shadows and deceptions. Because the mind of man has come to accept it as another home, he remains here to suffer and die as a creature of flesh. But this too is also a lie. Because of this deception of the carnal mind and ego, this world has become the place of the dead; it is Hades. For our sake God’s Son came down into Hades, to set us captives free. So if one has come to know the world and has discovered it is death (a carcass), then he has overcome the world and the world is not worthy of him anymore. This is why we must be resurrected because we are spiritually dead in sin and in the darkness of deception. This is why we must live by the Spirit of Christ because we are being called to a higher level of life- a higher nature that is not part of the animal kingdom. Our higher nature is found in the Kingdom of God!

80) Jesus said, "He who has recognized the world [as a global false religious system] has found the body [a dead corpus full of dead men's bones (their soul is bound by the spirit of the world)], but he who has found the body [now knowing how and why it died] is superior to the world [exercises power and authority over the world and its false teachings]." 

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