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Sunday, 22 March 2020

This World Eats Corpses

This World Eats Corpses
This world eats corpses, and everything eaten in this world also dies. Truth eats life, and no one nourished by [truth] will die. Jesus came from that realm and brought food from there, and he gave [life] to all who wanted it, that they might not die.

This world is a corpse-eater [people of the world all start out in the first death as slaves to sarx (sin) – the world gets its strength from this as it allows the rulers thereof to maintain authority over them through fear and lusts of the flesh]. All the things eaten in it themselves die also [“they do not go in and hinder those who are” –“let the dead bury the dead”]. Truth is a life-eater [the truth kills the carnal nature (sarx) and gets its strength from those who have found it]. Therefore no one nourished by truth will die. It was from that place [the heavenly realm] that Jesus came and brought food [the bread of life]. To those who so desired [were drawn to Him], he gave life [His seed], that they might not die. (Philip 74)

Life on the mortal plane is sustained by death. Everything here maintains life by consuming that which has died. Eternal Life is sustained by Life. Those who are nourished by Truth will never die, for Truth does not die in order to impart Life to us. It was Truth that Jesus brought from the heavenly plane to nourish us. He feeds those who desire Life on the elements of Truth, and they never die.

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