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Sunday, 22 March 2020

The True Self the Gospel of Thomas Saying 67

(67) Jesus said: He who knows the all, (but) fails (to know) himself, misses everything.

The Lord Jesus teaches that we must know our (true) self. Your true self and life is Christ, God’s only son, and by him we can do all things. Our true self is in God and God is in you Rom 8:9 than we cannot be lacking in our self God is raising our consciousness so that we can realize he is all in all 1Cor 12:6 15:28 Eph 1:23. But if one knows everything but does not have love than you are completely deficient if we have knowledge of every mystery but not love we are nothing 1Cor 13:2. The kingdom is being built upon love and knowledge it is nothing useful without the love of God. Knowledge is like sand and love is like mortar, together they are a strong substance but without love our knowledge will not support anything 1Cor 8:1 13:2,8 2Cor 6:6b8:7 Eph 3:19 Phil 1:9.

And if you do not actively engoige in prayer and meditation on the bible dally, and worship Yahweh your Elohim in spirit and truth victory over oneself. The Lord is speaking about the necessity of direct spiritual practices and spiritual living that bring it about. This is accomplished when you know yourself if you know not yourself then you neither know your enemy and you will always endanger yourself know your enemy the devil that is sin in the flesh. So you must suspend the egoistic self, silencing the mental being and calming the vital-emotional

Thus allowing the Christ-consciousness to act without obstruction. If you know yourself connected to the oneness of what the Deity is, The Christ-self in union with the heavenly father and Christ Jesus no longer do you suffer from the delusion of lack and separation therefore the sorrows of personal deficiency have vanished. Do you believe with understanding that is to say, do you have genuine faith? Through faith and the good works of faith do you labour for true knowledge? Do you have faith in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus and the knowledge of the indwelling Christ-self that enlightens the mind and liberates you from the thinking of the flesh and death. Then for you the resurrection is now and the advent of Christ is nearer for you. Praise Yah.

Jesus is 'the All,' and 'everywhere' is where Jesus is, as in Saying 77

67) Jesus said, "Whoever believes that the All itself is deficient is (himself) completely deficient [how can that which is created by He who is perfect in all His ways possibly be deficient? - we are all part of a grand plan of His and not our own]."

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