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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

A Gnostic Parable Ancient Ones and the Foolish Nation

A Gnostic Parable 
Ancient Ones and the Foolish Nation

There was this Nation, in a World, that wanted to be great and strong so there would be none to it's Equal.
One day the leader of this nation, along with all of his advisers made a plan to call upon those Who were called the Ancient Ones, for it was said "Great wealth and Power would be given to the Nation that Awakens Them.
Though this Legend was great and well known throughout this world, many sought out the resting place of these Ancient Ones, but none found them til now.

When this Leader found the Ancient Ones as the Legend had said, he vowed not to share his findings with the rest of the world.

The Ancient Ones was awakened, and much knowledge was given to this leader by these sleepers, this knowledge gave the leader and his advisers a great advantage over the people in this world that he and his advisers Reign as kings and Lords.

Soon this leader became arrogant and began proclaiming himself as a "God", when the news of this reached the ears of leader of the ancient ones, this enraged him, provoking him to war against the leader who proclaimed himself King, and God.

The King and his armies wared against the Ancient Ones and their leader, bringing much destruction upon their world and many souls were lost because of this war.

Both the Leader and King, neither could advance over the other, they both suffered a great loss, the lust for power and dominion over the world fueled them both with anger and rage.
The end of the third day was upon their world, the king brought out his ultimate weapon, as did the leader of the ancient ones, at the moment these weapons were to be fired, a Great Darkness fell upon their world, all became silent, as a great light appeared in the heavens, the appearance of one dressed in a robe of Majesty and Great Power and at his side were many Great Lights, all that witness this great site fell as if dead upon their world.

The great and Majestic One standing in Glory and Brilliance of Light, commanded all to arise, in an instance all souls stood and faced the Majestic one.
" I am Light within Light Giving Light, Self Perpetuating life Within Life Giving Life"

For it was he who was true King and Lord of all Universes, at the end of his proclamation, the lights surrounding him Captured the Leader of the Ancient Ones, binding him and his Host in powerful chains of light, the king fell to his knees seeing the ancient ones bound in light.

But the Majestic One said " Bind also this king, his advisers, his armies and all those that worshiped them, but bring all the souls that suffered because of this war into my Kingdom,
wipe away this world and Universe, fold it up into nothingness and so it was done.
The King, and Leader of the Ancient Ones, with all their host, their armies and worshipers suffered eternal punishment and imprisonment, and the souls that suffered Eternal Joy and Blissfulness in the Face of Great and Majestic One.

This is the Fate of the Demiurge and all that follow after his knowledge, this is their end.

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