Gnostic Doctrine

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Chabad Chokhmah, Binah and Da'at


(kha-BAHD) n.

A Hebrew acronym for Chokhmah, Binah and Da'at, (wisdom, understanding and knowledge, respectively).

These words translate to three core mental functions in the process of what is commonly known as thought:

that first flash of insight (chokhmah),

the cogitation and rumination that follows (binah),

and thirdly,

the ability to process an idea so that it becomes part of your heart and soul (da'at).

I lite only one candle in Chabad following simple instructions. I looked into the Christos of the candle, the part which separates from the flame; without the Christos the flame would not survive. At tip of my nose I looked and closed my eyes and saw within the centre of my brain and I longed for the light to be there always.

I asked on purpose for the Lord to enlarge the light of Christ in me so that I might know the truth and be set free.

I wanted to know the truth of what’s going on; desiring the truth I knew evil was present with me; I walked with the Lord as our father Abraham did and in asking the Lord on purpose I heard him and from this I learned how to ask and how to walk while I remained in service following the law of the land in peace and love.

His name is Jesus and I walked with him, he’s alive with Christ in me.

When I woke in the morning he was with me, when I lay down at night he was with me; when I did my daily chores, the work needed to be done, preparing meals, looking after the household, he was with me; I turned to him always and was comforted knowing he was with me.

He never left my side and I turned to him as a friend, a brother, my lord and master, not knowing the Father I followed the Son.

I was not forsaken.

I began to see the light in the world in bits and pieces and in hearing his voice within I was careful not to trip on myself knowing evil was present with me. I remembered all I had been taught and followed simple instructions along the way.

I’m here as your sister, your mother, your brother, your friend saying calmly Jesus is the only way to the Father and the kingdom's within.

Who has done this (?) I am speaking the truth in written word. I am awake with Christ in me and I will not taste death.

He is with all who hear his voice. Now is the time to turn to him.

We are the true children within this organic matter called flesh, created man. The flesh is covered by skin.

We’re in the second coming of Christ who has returned for his bride, his body.

Yes there is a little bit of darkness to go through.

Like a little sprout and a little child who’s just learning to walk we go the way and yes we are called to be simple minded of the things pertaining to evil for we have to pass through evil, as darkness to come into the light.

Yes there is an ego in man who’s name is an adversary to the Lord & we know all these things work together for those who love the Lord.

We are not afraid for little children are kept safe with him, we desire truth and we seek to know being born to do this, soul searches. This is the way with the Lord.

The dead in Christ will rise first, all souls are here within these clay vessels asleep dreaming as if awake.

We are the first fruits of the Lord, we receive our name each individual and unique, only the person receiving will know; we are made Christ's with Lord Jesus along the way.

Stop all fighting, lay down your arms and no blaming each other; who knew? Stop accusing your brother and pointing the finger at religions, wait for the Lord to come.

The mortal body we are in is death, and a number has been assigned to it first be born and then second to die. Souls are not organic, they are holy begotten of the Father and are seeds.

We are in the second coming; the first coming for Israel, the second coming for the Gentiles in Christ.

Do not harm any, lay down your arms, know the truth and be set free.

We are the children.

Scattered throughout the earth we are the seeds; there is nothing to fear from our Father who is not worried one IOTA.

Change into a little child, humble yourself before him; go from the milk to the meat, eat the hidden manna; turn to Jesus and go the way and come into the Father's presence.


  1. You can't just put Chokmah, BInah, and Daat on a jesus cake like icing. It's like you're looking at the tree of life and seeing only the leaf litter on the floor. Why not look at the rest of the tree?

    1. Why can't I add these words (Chokmah, BInah, and Daat) to Jesus? He is the Messiah