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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Excerpt from Valentinian teaching

Excerpt from Valentinian teaching:

"In the myth, Sophia becomes separated from her consort and is expelled from the heavenly Pleroma. Christ then descends to her aid and she is joined to him. Rather than having a non-Christian origin, the main points of the myth seem to be derived from an allegorical interpretation of the Book of Genesis. In this allegory, Eve is identified with Sophia while Adam is interpreted as Christ."

Adam and Eve are divided by God who was brought forth out of darkness through Wisdom. When she returns with information given through her findings, he at first is hesitant because of his bonding and then seeing her persistence, desires to know and hears her.

Once the truth is out, there is no going back. What was it Moses was telling us through the word?

Reading further he is working to put together a work to substantiate his findings hopeful in leading us to the occasion where we see for ourselves.

Christ Jesus is the overseer of our soul; soul is locked into consciousness within man and seeing through the bars of ego, soul peers out.

Ego having been brought forth from the mingle of soul and the instinctual spirit within man, has mingled with the light creating a grey called dim.

How to Get-the-Grey-Out (GTGO) is through The-Way (TW); we accept Jesus as Lord and saviour and this has nothing to do with ego; only happens through the Father drawing The-Light-Calling-Soul (TLCS).

Christ enters into our hearts and minds, uniting with soul who enlightens the spirit now holy with the light of Christ. Soul is snatched up to the throne room of God where it sleeps lost in time drinking the milk of the word; standing at attention when accused by Satan, who is just doing his Job.

Soul begins to see the light, searching, and asks to be awakened on purpose by turning, soul changes into a little child no longer holding up arms rather is able to walk.

Jesus is the door; out of the throne room of God where soul has been sleeping now changed into a little child, sees the door, enters the narrow way leading to life with faith (Pistis) and comes out into the kingdom of heaven within.

The true light comes in, and goes behind and darkness is no more.

Jesus is the only way we come into the Father's presence and its not rocket science, the way is all ready, you simply go with him the way.

The way with Lord Jesus is how our minds are renewed a Christ with his.

The last leg of the journey, the second coming of Christ is this: To know who you are; where you came from and what's going on. All before death of this organic body.

Every religion is hoping their god or their way of understanding will do a miracle transformation within before death. The Lord is not worried one IOTA, because he knows the truth and we're all in motion, even now.

Ego's found out in the most sophisticated manners, he can't cross over. And you'll hear him crying foul and then hear him, sliding up beside you saying, "Look, okay, so Jesus is the way, but you need me. We've been through A_Lot together, I can help you get through". This is the funniest thing he says, for soul does not need ego to get through soul needs the Christ to transform within, and Jesus is the only way.

The law doesn't work; rituals don't work and all religions have their roots touching together in darkness in this world.

Those claiming Christ Consciousness (CC) only goes so far as these are attached to this world STill-Dead (STD) with pride being fed darkness through the umbilical cord of this life. Calling themselves wise, lacking sensitivity to the truth of the light for without the love of the Father in their heart cannot hear Wisdom calling who is right within saying, "Turn to Jesus, he is the only way".

All will be brought down to level in order to walk out The-Way-Straight (TWS).

Buddhist know sitting and turning into stone is not a good idea; the Blue-Fairy (BF) workers are good hearted yet without roots suffer up there so high; the ET's drop dead like the rest and all for a good reason.

Jesus is The-Only-Way (TOW).

He is the 0 1 way out that Is-In (II).

Christ came down, entered into chaos through organic life and learned to walk among us, was the Son of Man bringing the light, born from a young child herself, a virgin who loved the Lord, was in the light, aware of what she was doing and trusted with her whole heart and mind.

She submitted her own will with a pure heart and was innocent and did justly and was judged by her own as a harlot.

She herself, went through a little bit of darkness with Him and came into the light of knowing the Son, the Saviour who is the only the way.

Our Lord Jesus is the only way and we speak his name, call on his name only, turn to him only and in his name we go the way.

The door, the way, the light, the life and no man, NO MAN ~ comes into the Father except through him.

He made the way ready, who loves you; who is ONE with our Father who is Christ.

God-heads don't have No-Body (NB) to walk with and we're the children of the Lord, we walk with our brother who is Christ our saviour and it's time to awaken within.

The white stone with the new name is given within, only you will know

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