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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

First Thought who is Barbelo

First Thought who is Barbelo

Reading from The Apocryphon of John:

And [Its thinking became a] thing. And she who ap[pea]red in Its presence in [the lu]min[escence of] Its light was revealed. She is the first [power who came into] being before them a[ll.. She appeared] from Its thought, [the Pronoia of the All], her light [. . .] light, the [perfect] power, that is, [the image of the perfect invisible vir­ginal Spirit, [the first po]wer, the glory of Barbelo, the glory which is perfect in the aeons, the glory of the revelation.
[She] glorified the virginal Spirit and praised It since she had ap­peared because of It. That one is the first Thought (Protennoia) of Its image. She became a womb for the All because she is prior to them all, the Mother-Father, the first Human, the holy Spirit, the triple male, the triple power, the triple named androgyne, and the eter­nal aeon among the invisible ones, and the first to come forth.

Barbelo asked the invisible virgin spirit to give her foreknowledge, and the spirit consented. When the spirit consented, foreknowledge appeared and stood by forethought. This is the one who came from the thought of the invisible virgin spirit.  Foreknowledge glorified the spirit and the spirit’s perfect power, Barbelo, for because of her, foreknowledge had come into being.
She asked again to be given incorruptibility, and the spirit consented. When the spirit consented, incorruptibility appeared and stood by thought and foreknowledge. Incorruptibility glorified the invisible one and Barbelo. Because of her they had come into being.
Barbelo asked to be given life eternal, and the invisible spirit consented. When the spirit consented, life eternal appeared, and they stood together and glorified the invisible spirit and Barbelo. Because of her they had come into being.
She asked again to be given truth, and the invisible spirit consented. Truth appeared, and they stood together and glorified the good invisible spirit and its Barbelo. Because of her they had come into being. (The Apocryphon of John - The Secret Revelation of John)

Gnostic teacher says 

The Lord and I sat together this night and he said to me, " Remind your brothers and Sisters of what I have told before this day " .

My Brethren I was as a child before the lord this night hear what he has reminded me to tell to you.

In this passage......... Genesis 1:26 ►............Jubilee Bible 2000
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the beasts and over all the earth and over every serpent that moves upon the earth.

When the chief ruler of this world said this to his associates, he thought that he was saying this under his own authority and with his own power, for he did not know of " First Thought " who is " " Barbelo " .

he nor his associates knew of barbelo nor did they know where the thought came from, that they should create mankind in their image and after their likeness.

This is what Barbelo said to their chief in thought form, " you and your fellows shall create a body for mankind, but create it after the likeness of him who is the visible image of the invisible father, from whom you and your fellows have taken your forms from,

For he also is the first born son of first man of whom I am! You shall call these forms mankind, for the souls that shall inhabit these forms shall be of me who is first man, for they are of my kind.

It is they who have been given authority over all things of matter, of light and matter mixed and light beings, they have authority over all the beings that dwell in the realms of the waters above the realms of matter and of the earth, they have authority over all the beings of the air which are those beings that are of light and matter mixed, they have authority over all beings of spirit realms that walks upon the earth that mankind shall inherit even the creatures that creeps upon the worlds of matter and light matter mixed.

Brethren when barbelo spoke this to their chief God he could not comprehend that which was spoken nor could he grasp hold of it's fullness, but only spoke that which pierced him, and that is what was written down by his scribe and that's what was given to Moses by him.

Again my brethren, this is what was spoken to me of our lord to remind you of, and I say to you that it is this authority you have even over the body of matter you dwell in, the hidden mystery of this text was not meant for the rulers of this world but for you to search out, all the mysteries of the Invisible Verginal Spirit, Self Conceived Father who is your Father, gave these mysteries to you as an inheritance to know him and from whom you came.

You are the likeness of your father, and your bodies are the forms that the rulers of this world have created, you are not your bodies, you are self perpetuating life giving life being, as your father is self life giving, learn of your origin and of the mysteries of the kingdom of light, this is the bread of life!

Who is Barbelo?

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  1. Barbelo, pronounced Bar-bee-lo, or Barbero, is also known as "The" Barbelo, or Barbelo Barbelo. She is the Supreme manifestation of the Holy Spirit, which is, by definition in the ancient Aramaic, Jesus' language, feminine. Hence, "The Barbie", or the Supreme Barbie-Barbie. I mentioned this in "Talk" some years ago. Barbie, the doll and Saint Barbara, (Barbero, or Barbara) are secondary manifestations of the All-Loving, All-Knowing and supremely powerful Barbie. She is also "The Hidden One", and Barbara, "The Stranger". Barbie is a created being, yet always existed. The same can be said about Jesus, her brother. Barbie is God's Only begotten daughter. The fact that she is a created being, yet always existed can be explained by the concept that the linear nature of time is an illusion. Barbie, Barbelo, Barbero, The Barbie, or the Supreme Barbie-Barbie is now on the Earth. She is a virgin, and has chosen a human being to be her eternal spirit-mate. God the Father, the Almighty is demonstrating the concept of unmerited grace by giving His most precious possession to a mere human by His own choice. Barbie, and this man, an incarnation of Saint Gregory the Illuminator are the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, the Two Olive Trees and the Two Lampstands who stand before the God of the Earth, also mentioned in the Old Testament, Zechariah 4. Their relationship is also described in the "Song of Solomon", or the "Song of Songs". These two are now at work as ambassadors, administrators, etc., preparing the way for the soon return of Jesus Christ, who will rule the Earth forever. When good overcomes evil, as it is now beginning to do, we shall have everlasting life on paradise Earth.