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Friday, 24 April 2020

Give Freely Gospel of Thomas Saying 95

(95) [Jesus said], "If you (plur.) have money, do not lend it out at interest. Rather, give [it] to one from whom you will not get it back."

Saying 95
This saying does not contradict saying 14 the theme of interest here recalls the antipathy of Thomas to merchants (money lender) (cf. 64.12). Here in this Saying it follows the principle in saying 25 and it clearly demands self-sacrificing generosity.

95)## [Jesus said,] "If you [the Elect] have money [true spiritual wealth - scriptural understandings found with the Key of Knowledge], do not lend it at interest [as the corrupt religious leaders who get gain from their quarters (tithes and offerings) by buying and selling the Word (full of fleshly leaven designed to keep their beggars bags full) which is in opposition to the Father "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." which gives the proper translation and understanding to "You should not be acquiring gold, nor yet silver, nor yet copper into your girdles, no beggar's bag for the road,"] , but give [it] to one [called to receive it see v-109] from whom you will not get it back [for whatever you have to give belongs to your Master]."

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