Gnostic Doctrine

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Gnosis, brings light

Gnosis, brings light

I am the silence that is incomprehensible
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent. I am the voice whose sound is manifold
and the word whose appearance is multiple.
I am the utterance of my name. 

Gnosis, brings "light" but light separates, most fear Gnosis because the light knowledge of Gnosis brings the Soul out of Spiritual Darkness, Gnosis Breaks the bonds of darkness but the soul loves it's ties and the darkness cherishes it's servant and will not easily give that soul up. In darkness the soul believes that the knowledge, thoughts, desires ect. Is it's own, but they are not the soul has been led to believe that they are in this way the soul stays in service to her Masters as if she was a prostitute.

My brother they who was born in darkness was born also blind! They have no light they are from the shadow that the kingdom of light cast and where the primordial waters rest.

You are the light that will glorify the body you are in. The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord illuminating all the inner parts of soul and body..

Gnosis is a seed of life, once it is planted and has grown it will cry out to you in the voice of the Silence,.urging you to come to know her, and when she cries out to you do not be as those who died in the wilderness, but run to her and embrace her, she is the Mother of gnosis.

Truth, is like a light of pure knowledge, if it Burns you, it separates the darkness in you from you, if you are able to stand then you shall become as great as the light that the darkness has fled from.


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