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Friday, 24 April 2020

He who seeks will find Gospel of Thomas Saying 94

(94) Jesus [said:] He who seeks will find, [and he who knocks], to him will be opened.

Saying 94
Christ is the door no one comes in except thought him by being baptized in to him. Here Jesus promises to reveal the truth to those who seek and knock. If the hearer seeks the truth, Jesus will reveal it to him or her. If the hearer knocks on the door, Jesus will let him or her in.

94)## Jesus [said], "He who seeks [the Truth] will find [the Keys of knowledge], and [he who knocks] [at the door of God's Word "I am the Door. Through Me if anyone should be entering, he shall be saved, and shall be entering and coming out and will be finding pasture."] will be let in [He will open up to him and he will gain entrance to the Kingdom]."

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