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Thursday, 16 April 2020

it is the Destiny that devours the week

it is the Destiny that devours the week

Pin on Scripture

Galatians 5:15 If, though, YOU keep on biting and devouring one another, look out that YOU do not get annihilated by one another


Do not roam in groups and beware of packs, rather be aware of the Destiny of the pack as well as the wolf that stalks the pack.

Many may say beware, see to it that you are not devoured by the Wolf, but I say to it is not the wolf you should be afraid of, but the destiny of the wolf.

Listen, the wolf is a servant to it's destiny it goes and does whatsoever the Destiny tells it to go and do.

The same it is with a man he to is a servant to his destiny, now a natural wolf devours a sheep and when it has sated it's hunger it remains a wolf.

But it is not so with the Destiny, the destiny sends the wolf among you in sheep's clothing seeking out the weak, and when it captures the weak sheep, it is the Destiny that devours the week sheep and the sheep becomes the wolf, and soon the sheep's are no more.

They have all Become a servant and a slave to the Destiny of that Wolf, when it is a man you being devoured by the destiny of that man, become as that man is, and a servant to his destiny, and even your destiny has become a servant to the destiny of that man.

Become a master over your Destiny, then and only then you will have power and not be capable of being devoured by the Destiny of another, becoming as they are and a slave to their destiny.

Destiny is a devour of souls, and once that soul has been devoured it becomes a slave to the Destiny.

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