Gnostic Doctrine

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Learn what is before you The Gospel of Thomas

Learn what is before you and all things hidden from you shall be revealed to you.

Do as I have done, when you have been invited into a group, eat what they eat, then heal the sick among them, tend to those that are sleep, by awakening them from their long slumber.

To those that have much, show them it is better to have little, then much can be given to them, for those that have little give to them that which is required, to some give milk, to others give wine, still to others give meat, and yet others the bread of life, that all may be fed.

Still my brothers and sisters, give accordingly to what is needed, give freedom to those that are bound, sight to those that are blind, speak to the deaf that they may hear again, and raise those that are dead among you.

I have spoken to another of our brothers of whom I must spend some time with, I have awaited for this day for there is much happiness in my heart to see him again, at this time I must ready my self for this occasion, that I may be able to bring to you all many gifts, and robes, and crowns, and to some glory, others I will give life giving life, to others, mysteries of the kingdom of light.

I will not be long but only for a moment, till then my brethren, know yourselves and you shall be known.

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