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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Pistis Sophia Chapter 132 Spirit and Body

Spirit and Body Pistis Sophia Chapter 132

To know ones self, is the beginning of ones awaking:

I've asked you to know yourself, and now i expand the question.

Know what is yours and that which is given to you!

Listen and i shall make an effort to reveal that which is hidden,

1)yours= is spirit life from the unbegotten Father the pre-existing one

2)the body= what is given.

Be careful of that which is given to you , it is not yours, The Aeons are beings that pre-dates the Archons who are the so call gods of the old testaments, and these are called the rulers of the great fate, the great fate is an area beyond the reach of man and the archons a region too vast to be reached by them both, and it is these who fashions the sins and the counterfeit spirit, now, the counterfeit spirit has power over the body, meaning the feelings and emotions,

By looking at the body , and not seeing the spiritual being in the body, ignorance will take you captive and sleep and slumber shall overshadow you, and you shall become a servant to Fate, and Destiny will kill you, and from this you shall not awaken,
The mystery is this, an aeon that goes by the name of Pistis desired to create a being to rule over all the matter of chaos, chaos is the vast darkness which we call outer space, this being, creature whose mother is pistis, and his name being 'yalda baoth'. after becoming aware of his existance, he proclaimed that he was God over all that is matter, this world inwhich we live is matter, and this matter is the refuse of the gods and aeons, 'yalda baoth'. took the refuse of the gods and aeons and constructed Earth, then created the body of man out of this earth.

My brothers and sister we are not bodies which is refuse of the aeons, but we are greater far beyond the thoughts of the aeons, we are Self Perpetuating life giving spirits, whose origins are from the all the total of existence, from he who is first man self-man who is pure mind! and we were sent and placed inside of these bodies inwhich we reside in now, longing to be released from these bodies of refuse matter.

so do not claim, lay hold of , accept, cling to any and all things that pertains to your body of matter, it is all Refuse of the gods and aeons, even your sins, your problems are not yours, renounce them.

their aeons, to the number of three-hundred-and-sixty-and-five, and give them the soul and the counterfeiting spirit, which are bound to one another. The counterfeiting spirit is the without of the soul, and the compound of the power is the within of the soul, being within both of them, in order that they may be able to stand, for |345. it is the power which keepeth the two up-right. And the rulers give commandment to the servitors, saying unto them: This is the type which ye are to put into the body of the matter of the world.' They say unto them indeed: 'Put the compound of the power, the within of the soul, within them all, that they may be able to stand, for it is their up-rightness, and after the soul put the counterfeiting spirit.'

Of conception."Thus they give commandment to their servitors, that they may deposit it into the bodies of the antitype. And following this fashion the servitors of the rulers bring the power and the soul and the counterfeiting spirit, bring them down to the world, and pour [them] out into the world of the rulers of the midst. The rulers of the midst look after the counterfeiting spirit; and also the destiny, whose name is Moira, leadeth the man until it hath him slain through the death appointed unto him, which the rulers of the great Fate have bound to the soul. And the servitors of the sphere bind the soul and the power and the counterfeiting spirit and the destiny. And they portion them all and make them into two portions and seek after the man and also after the woman in the world to whom they have given signs, in order that they may |346. send them into them. And they give one portion to the man and one portion to the woman in a victual of the world or in a breath of the air or in water or in a kind which they drink.

"All this I will tell unto you and the species of every soul and the type, how they enter into the bodies, whether of men or of birds or of cattle or of wild beasts or of reptiles or of all the other species in the world. I will tell you their type, in what type they enter into men; I will tell it you at the expansion of the universe.

Pistis Sophia  CHAPTER 132

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