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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Pistis Sophia The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light

Pistis Sophia The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light

As I have said i will share with you of my visit with the Rulers of this world, but first I must share with you " insight " on how I was able to visit these rulers.

Now, the understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom of Light is the key.

Of the Mysteries :

I will give you a few of the many realms of the mysteries of the kingdom of light.

The Treasury of the Light:

Most of you are from this realm, and there are many other realms below this one, those of you that are from here are able to visit any of them as often as you wish, for this reason I have said to you, know your self and know of your origin.

If you abide in and posses a higher mystery then you can go to any realm as often as you wish that is lower than the realm of the mystery that you posses, but not able to go above to the realms that has a higher mystery than you posses.

Now each realm has it's own mystery, that mystery has within itself all the knowledge of that realm, of it's many different forms and languages, to which you can use to your benefit, that you may be able to commune with those beings of that realm, the same is with the higher realms, you will have the power and knowledge of how to transform your form into my the form of all the beings in the realm of all the mysteries that you posses.

The First Space of the ineffable :

Those of you that are from this realm of light, will be few, for those that first came from this space shall return to this space, and there will be some that came from a lesser mystery who have while on this earth obtained knowledge of this higher space and rested in it and shall rule over all of the lesser mysteries and as kings, of mysteries.

The Limbs of the Ineffable :

Those of you that posses this mystery shall stand as emissaries of our father to the many mysteries and realms that is below this mystery.

The Ineffable:

here are we from, that sought out sonship, that has given up all, renounced all, even our very own existence to our father, this was his will from the beginning before all things that are invisible, before all things of light, before all things that are spiritual, before all things that are eternal, before all things that are immortal, before all things that are mortal.

, oh! If our brethren, knew of their origin error and ignorance would no longer enslave them, I will share more later.

I will speak to those who know to hear not with the ears of the body but with the ears of the mind. For many have sought after the truth and have not been able to find it; because there has taken hold of them the old leaven of the Pharisees and the scribes of the Law. And the leaven is the errant desire of the angels and the demons and the stars. As for the Pharisees and the scribes, it is they who belong to the archons who have authority over them.

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