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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Relative and Relevant The Gospel of Philip

Relative and relevant:

Greetings to you all my brother's and sisters.

As you know I have not spoken to you all for some time now, but my absence was necessary for your benefit and mine.

Today I bring to you that concerns " Relative " and " Relevant ".

As you know I have asked you to be aware of words, and know their true meanings.

Words and Names

The names of worldly things are utterly deceptive, for they turn the heart from what is real to what is unreal. Whoever hears the word god thinks not of what is real but rather of what is unreal. So also with the words father, son, holy spirit, life, light, resurrection, church, and all the rest, people do not think of what is real but of what is unreal, [though] the words refer to what is real. The words [that are] heard belong to this world. [Do not be] [54] deceived. If words belonged to the eternal realm, they would never be pronounced in this world, nor would they designate worldly things. They would refer to what is in the eternal realm. (The Gospel of Philip)

I have spoken to you of things that were Relative to the future, but not Relevant for the moment, for there were many of you whose understanding is not Relevant for the future nor is it Relative to the present.

Some have spoken to you of enlightenment of deities, and names of god, of heavenly places, of covenants, sins and punishment for those sins.

Because of this ignorance of what truly is eternal, I have went and dwelled among the gods, and their deities, changing my form as I walked and communicated with them so my presence would not be known.

It is they who created these sins, and the punishment for those sins, it is they who have created the synagogues which have a demagogue over it, then placed angels over them to keep you in line, as a slave master over his slaves to keep you in ignorance which is not of the Father.

Does not their bible say that there are seven churches, and are there not seven heavens, and do not the ruler of this world have seven sons and do not each of sons have his own heaven, and in his succession take upon himself the title of, god of the gods, that there may be only one God that rules over all at one time, be not deceived brothers of their errors.

IT is you who makes up the kingdom which is far above their heavens and when you came to this place they captured you a spark from that kingdom and imprisoned you in those bodies which you are in, that a spark from that kingdom may serve them and commit their sins and receive their punishment for their sins.

Again brothers and sisters in all that you say and do do not seek a name for yourselves that is the snare of the enemy, understand this and know these words, " version " " edit " " edition " " revised " and alike, such words testify against them and tell of their deeds, and wicked ways to pervert the truth of your origin to serve their cause, it was by the will of your Father that you be captured by them the rulers of this world, that he may free you from them and their errors of ignorance, for in your enslavement you are witnesses against them and their wicked ways.

I have more to share with you but this is enough for now , it is both relevant to this moment and relative to your future.

Study these things that you may become relative to your future and knowing that your future stands relevant to your present.

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