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Friday, 3 April 2020

messengers and the prophets Gospel of Thomas Saying 88

Saying 88

(88) Jesus said, "The messengers and the prophets are coming to you (plur.), and they will give you the things that you possess. And you, too - give them the things that you have, and say among yourselves, 'When are they coming to take their own?'"

Here the messengers and the prophets are first the messengers and the prophets of the Hebrew scriptures and secondly the book of acts contains accounts of early Christian messengers and the prophets.

And they will give you what is yours what messengers and the prophets give is information so if they give you what is yours you will receive information from God .

You then should give them what you have here Jesus is teaching us how to trey missionaries and emissaries giving them sustenance and shelter and respect as they have a right to.

88) Jesus said, "The  messengers [the Elect] and the prophets [their testimony of the scriptures] will come to you and give you [a correct understanding of] those things you (already) have [the Old and New Testaments]. And you too [Jews and Christo-pagans], give them those things which you have [money, power, status, glory in front of men etc..], and say to yourselves, 'When will they [the "owners of the field" (the world)] come and take what is theirs [so that we can remove our religious garments and renounce the world]?'" 

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