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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Spiritual Gifts and Realm Travel

Spiritual Gifts and Realm Travel

Greetings to you my brothers and sisters:

Let me remind you of these things: Spiritual Gifts and Realm Travel.

Different Realms
In the Kingdom of light there are many different realms, different in the sense that one is of an higher order, and each order has it's own unique form, but the same seeing that all are within the Father.

One must recognize his or her order of glory and once it is known to you, then one should walk in it.

We all reflect who the Saviour is and our own unique reflection is in him, so my brethren see, that is, know, the saviour is not to be known as a mere human but son of man, who in his true nature supersede the nature and forms of the aeons.

For even they could not comprehend the image to which they saw, but we have the nature and form which is superior to theirs as well, so it is with great joy to see that you have received the words of the Begotten One with great understanding.
Spiritual Gifts
We were taught as children that in order to operate in spiritual gifts, you must be saved and when you do it's only for a short while, because it is by the will of the holy spirit.

Brethren look at that statement again, " you must be saved " if you had a friend and some one came up to you both speaking French, and your friend began to speak french with that person, and once they and your friend have finished speaking to one another, you might say to your friend " you must be French " you speak French very well and fluently.

The same it is with spiritual gifts, like French some were born speaking French while others learned at a later time, do you get me brothers and sisters?

In the spiritual realm these abilities are common place, I have told you that when I went to the worlds of the rulers of this world, that resurrection, and raising one from the dead, was common place with them, that was because, It Is!!

No one truly teaches you any thing but only bring back to your remembrance that which you have long forgotten by coming to this world, for this I continue to say to you, " know yourselves " then you will become known, again most was born with those abilities as an inheritance while others will soon inherit them, so when you both the inheritors and those that inherited reach the spiritual realm living and doing things in the spiritual realms those abilities will be common practice with you all.

And as for that statement " you must be saved and born again " this means you were into being long before the rulers of this world came into existence, you appeared in this world in their physical forms which is the bodied you have now, and was born as a physical being is born, first born a spiritual being then born again

"As " a physical being, and when you operate in your spiritual gifts, you are using your natural spiritual abilities in a physical body in a physical realm or physical world, ruling over both the dead and alive.

Realm travel

Do not confuse realm travel with out of the body travel, one, out of the body travel leads to torment, or to the places of the rulers of this world, this you will know in a short period of time.

Realm travel one goes back to the region of their birth and remembers all things, then sees oneself alive in both places and live in both places physical and spiritual realm, no longer leaving either but ruling in both, the more you see yourselves in the regions of your births the more you travel, in both places, here in this physical world and in the spiritual, you will soon appear physically in other places in this world, first in your neighborhood, then other cities, then states, and afterwards countries, and you be known there as you are known in your home you will see how simple it is,

These are the beginning stages of gnosis, knowing the difference between the spiritual beings from the physical these things will come in time, faster for some none attainable for others, learn the mystery of " being filled " and " being emptied " and why it is better to be emptied!

Again stand before the face of the eternal Saviour, and for Eternity stand before his face, for in him you see your for the eternal beings that you are.

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