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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Standing at the edge

Standing at the edge:

The Savior and I stood at the edge as he began speaking to me saying.......... " Many have tried to explain me but they don't know me, "I am Gnosis" then he changed his form and said....... " I am the life of all things yet they don't know me " he continued to speak and changed his form yet again and said " I am he that surrounds everything and every one yet they don't know me ".

These things the Savior said to me in a moment and it made my heart sadden but he continued to speak saying....... " I am the voice that cried out to those who are in the wilderness, and it is me whom they have not heard, I am Gnosis, but they don't know me"

Changing his form from time to time as he spoke to me, I began to see the darkness unfold before me, first I saw the first beasts who was very arrogant, then the Savior said to me...... " This he is one of the great ones, but I am Gnosis and he does not know me, again he changed his form while saying........ 

I am the life that's sustaining him yet he does not know me, I am the glory that surrounds him and yet he does not know me" as I continued to look I saw the little lion running in the night chasing after the light that shown in the darkness but never able to capture it it was then I said to the Savior does he not know from where this light come from..... Then the Savior said to me..........

He is unable to lift up his own head to see from where the light comes from, this light is Gnosis, and I am that light, if this little one this lion was able to comprehend me he would then stop chasing and allow the light to capture him and devour him, again I am that light and I am Gnosis.

I look at the little lion as he grew tired from chasing the light and it wept bitterly, having not captured the light, I looked further below and beyond the little one and saw many men who to saw this light they were at odds as to how to capture the light though they spoke in many languages I understood all of them, they spoke in their own language of how to capture the light but none succeeded in capturing it, they were as the little lion forever chasing the light but never obtaining the light.

I ask the Savior do these men know where this light comes from, at this moment he changed into all the previous forms one form within a form compassed about by another form and I saw the light shining from within all three forms, then the light spoke to me saying....... I am Gnosis, I am the within, I am the without, I am the form within a form compassing all forms, I am the comprehension that comprehends myself, I am life within life, I am life from life giving life and I cannot be contain for I contains all things, capture and devour all things and once all things become devoured by me becomes as I am, know this I have chased you, captured you, consumed you, all that tries to explains me only chases after me, never obtaining me, only if the beast, the little lion, and men would stop chasing and become captured, then consumed then become as I am.

I looked again and I was at the edge the Savior and I just talking.

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