Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 3 April 2020

The Decad is the Duality of the Pentad

The Decad is the Duality of the Pentad; large knowing and small knowing opposites of life & death / light & darkness.

Thought in this world.
Thought in the Christ.

Forethought in this world.
Forethought in the Christ.

Truth in this world.
Truth in the Christ.

Indestructibility in this world.
Indestructibility in the Christ.

Everlasting life in this world.
Everlasting life in the Christ.

Wisdom calls out at the gates, “The kingdom is within; her gates open; the light is on come now and enter in”.

As above so is below.

One is Big knowing and the other is little knowing.

One is the truth set you free, the other is the truth in the world that always changes directions.

We’re in the II coming, and we’re to enter the kingdom within and go the way. Once you’re within the kingdom this is where mind and heart are kept safe.

To enter in soul awakens and changes into a little child and learns how to left and right glide within the mind called the spirit as he enters the narrow way leading to life, comes out into the light of knowing the truth of who you are, where you came from and what’s going on.

Its a strange thing the II coming, so quiet in silence, Christ is taking this world by stealth.