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Thursday, 16 April 2020

The fruit and it's Tree Gospel of Thomas Saying 43

The fruit and it's Tree:

Gospel of Thomas Saying 43

(43) His students said to him, Who are you to say these things to us? Yeshua said, From what I tell you, you do not know who I am, but you have become like the Jews. They love the tree but hate its fruit or love the fruit but hate the tree.

Some say they bear good fruit but yet do not know the branch from which it hangs.

While others say they are the true and sturdy branch, but have not come to know the tree from which it stems from.

And then there are those that boast of them being the tree that holds the branches that bears the fruit, but do they themselves know of their roots that nourishes the tree

The same is that of those that say they are the roots and have no knowledge of the seed from which it derived from.

Christ Jesus is saying that he is the tree and his works are the fruit. While some loved the sweet fruit of his healings, forgiveness and peace they didn’t like the message of Truth. It was too difficult for them to swallow. There were others who loved Jesus’ message, but hated his miracles perhaps because it undermined the authority of the Pharisees. The main point is that the Judeans were always finding something wrong with either Jesus or his ministry. And it seems that even his followers were questioning his authority, which leads us right into the next passage.

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