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Sunday, 12 April 2020

The Great Seth

The Great Seth

The Book of Jubilees Chapter 4:

  1. And in the third week in the second jubilee [64-70 A.M.] she gave birth to Cain, and in the fourth [71-77 A.M.] she gave birth to Abel, and in the fifth [78-84 A.M.] she gave birth to her daughter Âwân.
  2. And in the first (year) of the third jubilee [99-105 A.M.], Cain slew Abel because (God) accepted the sacrifice of Abel, and did not accept the offering of Cain.
  3. And he slew him in the field: and his blood cried from the ground to heaven, complaining because he had slain him.
  4. And the Lord reproved Cain because of Abel, because he had slain him, and he made him a fugitive on the earth because of the blood of his brother, and he cursed him upon the earth.
  5. And on this account it is written on the heavenly tables, 'Cursed is ,he who smites his neighbour treacherously, and let all who have seen and heard say, So be it; and the man who has seen and not declared (it), let him be accursed as the other.'
  6. And for this reason we announce when we come before the Lord our God all the sin which is committed in heaven and on earth, and in light and in darkness, and everywhere.
  7. And Adam and his wife mourned for Abel four weeks of years, [99-127 A.M] and in the fourth year of the fifth week [130 A.M.] they became joyful, and Adam knew his wife again, and she bare him a son, and he called his name Seth; for he said 'GOD has raised up a second seed unto us on the earth instead of Abel; for Cain slew him.'

Meaning of the Name
Seth his name signifies appointed. Eve's comment on the birth of this son reveals that Eve had a proper understanding of the purpose of God in him. The Hebrew word for 'appointed' (Isa. 22:7), TO PUT, TO SET, TO PLACE. (Gesenius).

According to Eve's words, Seth's name means "set", "appointed" or "placed". Seth replaced the position previously held by Abel, and therefore his name was expressive of God's mercy. Seth kept alive the principles of faith and hope that were distorted and destroyed by the descendants of Cain, introduced to us in the previous chapter. Seth commenced the genealogy of true worshippers. In him it was demonstrated that Godliness was possible among men

as she said: God has appointed another seed underneath Abel, because Cain killed him. This shows remarkable perception on Eve's part: She realised that Abel, because of his upright and godly way of life, had been the beginning of the line which would descend through her "until the seed should come". Therefore, in the birth of Seth she recognised Yahweh's guarantee that the seed would be continued until the divine purpose had been brought to fruition.
Mystic Meaning
The root idea of this name is that of a surrounding sympathetic movement that envelops a thing and defines its limits, places it, founds it, disposes of it. Some mystics have seen in the name Seth a law of destiny, that which predetermines a thing and settles its order.

by name Seth, which name being interpreted means irrigation; Philo of Alexandria On the Posterity of Cain and His Exile

F. H. Colson and G. H. Whitaker write (Philo, vol. 2, pp. 323-327): His name signifies "Watering," for the Mind waters the senses, as the Word of God waters the Virtues, which are symbolized by the four "heads" of the river going out of Eden. The word "heads" is used to indicate the sovereignty conferred by Virtues. The "River" is the Word of God, ever flowing for souls that love God. 
The Death of Abel and the Birth of Seth
Now afterwards, she bore Cain, their son; and Cain cultivated the land. Thereupon he knew his wife; again becoming pregnant, she bore Abel; and Abel was a herdsman of sheep. Now Cain brought in from the crops of his field, but Abel brought in an offering (from) among his lambs.God looked upon the votive offerings of Abel; but he did not accept the votive offerings of Cain.
And carnal Cain pursued Abel, his brother.
And God said to Cain, "Where is Abel, your brother?"
He answered saying, "Am I, then, my brother's keeper?"
God said to Cain, "Listen! The voice of your brother's blood is crying up to me! You have sinned with your mouth. It will return to you: anyone who kills Cain will let loose seven vengeances, and you will exist groaning and trembling upon the earth (The Hypostasis of the Archons)

And Adam knew his female counterpart Eve, and she became pregnant, and bore Seth to Adam. And she said, "I have borne another man through God, in place of Abel." (The Hypostasis of the Archons)

We lean from the Hypostasis of the Archons that both Cain and Abel made offerings to God Cain was rejected Seth becomes a priest in place of Abel

The death of Abel is made good by the birth of Seth. Seth comes to make up for the loss of Abel, and this fact parallels how God’s law works for us. This particular law of God is the one which sees to it that a compensation comes to make up for what seems to have been taken out.

the three classes of men, ‘material' or carnal, ‘soulful' or those who have not yet awakened to the higher consciousness, and 'spiritual' those who have entered into the Christ consciousness, correspond to Cain, Abel, and Seth.

Seth is therefore the symbolic Father and representative of ‘spiritual' believers.
The Birth of Seth
25 And Adam proceeded to have intercourse again with his wife and so she gave birth to a son and called his name Seth, because, as she said: God has appointed another seed underneath Abel, because Cain killed him. (Genesis 4 NWT).

Genesis 5:3 When Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

Seth the son of Adam and Eve born when Adam was 130 years old. Eve named him Seth because, as she said, “God has appointed another seed in place of Abel, because Cain killed him.” Seth may not have been the third child of Adam and Eve. According to Genesis 5:4, Adam had “sons and daughters,” some of whom may have been born before Seth.

And he begat sons and daughters" — Many other sons and daughters were born to Adam and Eve in addition to those named, and from these Cain and others obtained their wives. Hence the appointment of Seth to replace Abel means more than the mere birth of a son; it represented the appointment of this son to the position of privilege as legal "firstborn" with its office of priesthood and leadership within the family of Adam.

So Seth begins to look for a higher power to express in his life--he calls upon the name of Yahweh. It is the activity of the awakening of the spiritual consciousness within him that causes him first to realize the pointlessness of his human efforts to better himself, and then to recognize the one Source of all Truth.

Seth was appointed by God after the death of Abel in office of priesthood because both Abel and Seth were mediators of pre flood office of priesthood

Seth is worthy of note because through him the present-day race of mankind, descended from him, not from the murderous Cain. At the age of 105 years Seth became father to Enosh. Seth died at the age of 912 years .—Gen 4:17, 25, 26; 5:3-8; 1Ch 1:1-4; Lu 3:38.
The wife of Seth
The wife of Seth is Norea. She is the undefiled daughter of Eve who, together with Seth, gives birth to the Sons of Seth:

And Adam knew his female counterpart Eve, and she became pregnant, and bore Seth to Adam. And she said, "I have borne another man through God, in place of Abel." Again Eve became pregnant, and she bore Norea. And she said, "He has begotten on me a virgin as an assistance for many generations of mankind (the Pneumatic race)." She is the virgin whom the forces did not defile. (The Hypostasis of the Archons)

According to the Biblical Antiquities of Pseudo-Philo 1:1 Adam begat three sons and one daughter, Cain, Noaba, Abel and Seth.

The Book of Jubilees 4:8 And in the sixth week [134-40 A.M.] he begat his daughter Azûrâ.
The Book of Jubilees 4:11 And in the fifth week of the fifth jubilee [225-31 A.M.] Seth took Azûrâ his sister to be his wife, and in the fourth (year of the sixth week) [235 A.M.] she bare him Enos.

Seth's sister/wife in Jub 4:11 Azura the name Azura in trun may recall Hebrew 05828 עזר  (Greek 996 βοήθεια) In the the Hypostasis of the Archons the word [assistance] or help is used this is the Greek 996 βοήθεια (A Guide to Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission)

Azura was the daughter of Adam and Eve and the wife (and sister) of Seth in the Book of Jubilees, chapter 4 in the Hypostasis of the Archons her name is given has Norea.  Norea is the daughter of Eve and the younger sister of Seth; both are members of the pure race.

Norea is said to be the syzygy of Seth a female equivalent of his male savior figure

The earthly Adam and Eve begot the earthly Seth and his sister Norea. With the aid of Norea, Seth’s descendents will preserve the pneuma and gnosis in the Lower Aeons. This schema appears in The Hypostasis of the Archons and The Apocalypse of Adam.

Eleleth reveals to Norea that the Archons cannot defile her or her descendents: 

“And these authorities (Archons) cannot defile you and that generation; for your abode is in incorruptibility, where the virgin spirit dwells, who is superior to the authorities of chaos and to their universe.” (Hypostasis of the Archons)
- Again: 

“You (Norea), together with your offspring, are from the primeval father; from above, out of the imperishable light, their souls are come. Thus the authorities (Archons) cannot approach them, because of the spirit of truth present within them; and all who have become acquainted with this way exist deathless in the midst of dying mankind.”(Hypostasis of the Archons).

- Hence, the Elect are without fault, and called the “faultless ones” (Tripartate Tractate)

Image and Likeness
Genesis 5:3 When Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

The import of the phrase 'in the image, after the likeness' is suggested by the testimony that 'Adam begat a son in his own likeness, after his image, and called his name Seth.' In this respect, Seth stands related to Adam, as Adam did to the Elohim ... The very same thing is meant by Adam being in the image of the Elohim ... The resemblance therefore of Adam to the Elohim as their image was of bodily form ... In shape, Seth was like Adam, Adam like the Elohim, and the Elohim the image of the invisible Uncreated, the great and glorious Archetype of the intelligent universe."

the apocryphon of John

And the two archons he set over principalities, so that they might rule over the tomb. And when Adam recognized the likeness of his own foreknowledge, he begot the likeness of the son of man.
He called him Seth, according to the way of the race in the aeons. Likewise, the mother also sent down her spirit, which is in her likeness and a copy of those who are in the pleroma, for she will prepare a dwelling place for the aeons which will come down. And he made them drink water of forgetfulness, from the chief archon, in order that they might not know from where they came.
Thus, the seed remained for a while assisting (him), in order that, when the Spirit comes forth from the holy aeons, he may raise up and heal him from the deficiency, that the whole pleroma may (again) become holy and faultless."

Seth is now called the son of man the image and likeness modeled on the pleroma "the great incorruptible Seth, the son of the incorruptible man Adamas".

Adam was modeled on the Man Eve was modeled on Epinoia now Seth born of these two is modeled on the Son of Man "the Man exists and the son of Man"

Seth is the father of the incorruptible generation

Seth is an Aeon an emanation of the incorruptible man Adamas. Seth is the father of the incorruptible generation. The ‘Great Seth' is the heavenly son of Man, the mortal Seth is an 'image' of the heavenly Son of Man

The great incorruptible Seth also plays a saviour role, for he is sent into the lower world to rescue the elect, ‘putting on' Jesus for that purpose.

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