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Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Parable of the Fruit Trees

The Parable of the Fruit Trees:

There was a field of fruit trees, and a stranger passing by this field began to pick the fruit, one of each kind, as many as he pleased.

And when the keeper of the trees and the field saw this, he ran toward the stranger,Shouting "Sir,sir" these trees belong to my master, you have no right to pick any fruit off any tree.

For all the land and the trees you see are his.

The Stranger replied to the keeper, saying:

The branches has power over the fruit,

The limbs have power over the branches,

The Tree have power over the limbs,

And the Root has power over the Tree,

The land has power over the Root.

And you, land keeper, have power over the land,

And your Master, He has power over you.

The land keeper then asked the stranger; Who are you?

The stranger then replied " I AM HE " that has power over your master!

And I have liberated all these fruits, from the powers of you ALL.

John 8:36

The Parable of The Rose:

 I was sent to a certain city, whose fields were crowed with weeds, my Father asked of me; in that field what do i see? a rose, i said, then my Father commanded me to bring the rose out! for it was him that planted the rose,and it belongs to him,

So i stretched forth my hands and the weeds parted to the left and to the right, it was only then that the true Beauty of that Rose could be seen, I then praised my Father for he had planted a rose with eternal beauty right in the mist of a field of weeds, and he sent me to find it and set it Free........JOHN 8:36

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