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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Unification the Trimorphic Protennoia

Unification in the Trimorphic Protennoia :

I am the Voice that appeared through my Thought, for I am 'He who is syzygetic' since I am called 'the Thought of the Invisible One'. Since I am called 'the unchanging Speech', I am called 'She who is syzygetic'.

I am a single one, since I am undefiled. I am the Mother of the Voice, speaking in many ways, completing the All. It is in me that knowledge dwells, the knowledge of <things> everlasting. It is I who speak within every creature, and I was known by the All. It is I who lift up the Speech of the Voice to the ears of those who have known me, that is, the Sons of the Light.

My brothers, I have spoken to you of your Origin and have compelled you to know yourselves and from whence you came.

Dear brothers you who are the sons of light, it is our Mother that has called you from the within of our Father, this to was done by the will of our father who is the preexisting one, The Great Invisible Spirit.

She, our Mother being the Trimorphic Protennoia, brings all things into unionization of the Great Invisible Spirit from whence it came, it was she who had called us from the Great ineffable invisible realms into the great eternal realms and from these realms we were sent down to the visible physical realm.

While as yet none had come to be in the mortal realms, we went about rejoicing in the knowledge and in the presence of the Father, I was known as the good son following in the steps of our Father amazed at all the good works he had done.

I saw myself standing on the edge of the eternal realm and being shown the place of earth in the natural physical realm at the time of my birth as well from whom I would come forth from, being known on earth as my earthly mother.

This same woman was to me in the eternal realms as what one would call a nurse maid, keepers of the sons of light, as for the rest of my brothers you all were oblivious to the plan and will of our father, though he did not leave you all without knowledge and comfort, who at the time would seek out our father and of your origins, I have known you always my brothers my joy was watching and seeing the love of our father and mother upon your faces.

My love was to always be in the presence of our father which is to me the higher calling, or the greater gift, so even when I am beholding my brothers and sisters, I to am still with our father, I have shared this moment of my memory with you to set your spirits to see within yourselves the very same moment in your memories, in this manner you shall see yourselves as the child, the eternal children of light, living in in incorruptibility this is where even the infinite realm desired to know of us.

Brothers at the end of the times of all things physical and immortal has ended, all realms shall be changed and come into oneness with the eternal invisible realms, then we shall be revealed to all creation, the ineffable sons in our true forms, light from light that gives light, in a word self perpetuating life giving beings, sons and daughters of light.

This is our inheritance, our mother is in all, moving through all, performing the will of our father, and it will be she who shall bring us all back into the unification of our father, while these moments here in time would be as if it never existed.

But a few of you my brothers and sisters, at the first was not willing to leave our place of rest, for you all did not know that there was a greater place being prepared for you, so our mother compelled you to come, and you fell asleep by the will of our father and your memories we're concealed from you till now.

So think on these things and rejoice, she who called us from Unification shall bring us back to Unification, for some of you shall see that day even before this life ends,... as I have!

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